Katherine’s Abdominal Hysterectomy

Abdominal Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 39
Location: Quebec, Canada

I had a tumour near the pelvic area that needed to be removed. As cancer in this area is usually hormone-receptive, the plan was to remove the risks. Cancer was removed, no hormone therapy or chimio needed.

Surgery went well, I was under general anesthesia. Stayed in hospital 4 days, then home for two months.

At the hospital I was told to walk as much as possible, which I did, each day better than the last. I felt like I was reliving the evolution of man, from being crouched like a monkey to a standing position!
The pain was manageable, I had mostly Tylenol, and something a bit stronger for the first 24hr.

As soon as I was able to “relieve” myself, I could go home.

I wanted to feel normal again. I was looking forward to running, but just walking was a challenge at first. I took short walk, with someone at first, then on my own.

The digestive issue at the beginning were a nightmare! My husband had to go buy various “evacuation aid” products at the pharmacy, bless him.

At my 4 weeks check-up I was told they had not found cancer in my body, very good news.

At my 6-weeks check-up I was given the green light for intercourse. We waited 7 weeks to start. Was scared at first, but found that Estring helped with the pain. I saw a pelvic floor specialist who informed me that I had a prolapse, so I had another thing to worry about. Still doing exercises and e-stim one year out, and progress is slow.

I have had minor hot flash, but not recently. My sex drive and libido are not the same, unfortunately.

I have not gained weight and my energy level is as good as it was. I cannot take hrt, but am adding flax seed in my cereal, that I take with soy milk.

I had no choice, but would prefer not to have done it, if only for the sex drive. I had to face the emotional toil of feeling less of a woman because I became menopausal. (I am 40)

Seek professional advice, do your research, and good luck.


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