5 Ways to Prepare for Your Hysterectomy and First Surgery

Having a hysterectomy can be a bit scary, especially if it is your first surgery. Thankfully, others have had surgery before you so you can learn from their experiences and tips. Knowing what to expect and being prepared can help ease your concerns and give you some control over the situation.

Here are 5 tips which might find helpful as you prepare for your hysterectomy and first surgery.

1. Talk to your doctor.

You and your doctor are partners, so don’t overlook him as a resource. Your doctor can answer your questions about what he will do during surgery and what you can expect during recovery. He may also have videos and literature to help explain your upcoming hysterectomy. In addition, his nurse and staff may also be able to answer your questions and alleviate your concerns.

2. Ask questions of your HysterSisters.

Your fellow HysterSisters have gone before you and are willing to share their experiences. You can post your questions in the Preparing for Hysterectomy forum and members will do their best to answer them. They will offer you support as you prepare for your hysterectomy and share their relaxation and preparing tips. Their advice can also include what worked for them and how they managed in the days leading up to their surgeries.

3. Get a second opinion.

Getting a second opinion can help you feel more confident about your decision which in turn could make you more comfortable with your upcoming hysterectomy. You may also connect better with a second opinion or find out about options that feel better for you. You can also sit down and talk over your plan with one of your other doctors with whom you have confidence. That physician may be able to ease your fears and answer your questions so you feel more confident moving forward.

4. Read First Surgery | Hysterectomy.

HysterSisters has put together a First Surgery | Hysterectomy article about what you can expect at the hospital for your hysterectomy. It begins with being admitted and ends when you wake up in the Recovery Room. Knowing what will take place can help you feel more prepared for your upcoming first surgery.

5. Relax.

Being anxious and stressed can keep you in a cycle of nervousness and apprehension. If necessary, you can ask your doctor for an anxiety or sleeping medications to use in the days leading to your surgery. You can also try relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, or prayer and meditation to bring calm to your mind, body, and soul. A hot soak in the tub with a good book and soothing music can be helpful, as well as having a girl’s night out. You may also benefit from a walk in the park, writing in your diary, or getting some extra rest.

For additional ideas for preparing for your hysterectomy, browse through the HysterSisters Pre-Op Hysterectomy Articles. There you will find helpful tips and information which can help ease your mind and answer your questions.

This content was written by staff of HysterSisters.com by non-medical professionals based on discussions, resources and input from other patients for the purpose of patient-to-patient support. Reprinted with permission: 5 Ways to Prepare for Your Hysterectomy and First Surgery


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