5 Reasons to Get a Second Opinion When You Have Gynecologic (GYN) Cancer

You’ve been diagnosed with gynecological cancer so you’re looking for answers. You’re scared, but you also want to make the right decisions. You want to know every possible option available and just how fast you can start treatment. But where do you start? Try getting a second opinion.

Gynecologic cancer is a big deal and you want what’s best for you. You comparison shop when buying a vehicle, before taking out a mortgage, and when making any other major decisions, so why not do the same with your health?

Whether you’ve been diagnosed by your gynecologist or an oncologist, it’s a good idea to get a second opinion. Really, you owe it to yourself. Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Not all oncologists are the same.

Doctors are just like every other human being – no two are alike; and that’s true of every type of physician, including oncologists. Education and backgrounds differ, making each one unique. Their different experiences and skills combine to give them the ability to diagnose and treat cancer patients, but some may recommend more aggressive measures while others may follow a more conservative approach. Seeking the opinion of more than one oncologist gives you the benefit of a wider pool of knowledge and experiences so you can determine the best treatment plan for you.

2. Not all medical facilities are the same.

Where an oncologist has privileges makes a difference, too. For a variety of reasons, not all medical facilities have the same equipment and treatment options available. What an oncologist has access to can affect the treatment options she can recommend. An oncologist affiliated with a larger or newer facility may have access to more advanced equipment and treatment options which could impact your treatment choices.

3. Oncologists have different personalities, too.

Besides practical skill, it’s important that you connect with your oncologist. Cancer is frightening and puts you in a serious life and death situation. You will be working with your oncologist to find the treatment choice which will give you the best possible prognosis. Having confidence in that individual is very important for your life span and peace of mind. Choose an oncologist who makes you feel more at ease and who is willing to work with you and answer your questions.

4. You have a rare cancer.

The more rare your cancer, the more important it is to get a second opinion. Another oncologist may have more experience with your type of cancer or may know of someone to whom you can be referred. Plan to travel, if necessary, to see someone with the experience you need.

5. Your current oncologist has given you no hope.

Don’t accept that there are no options for you if you haven’t talked to other oncologist. This is your body and it’s the only one you have, so seek additional options about possible treatment options which may be available for you. Just because your current oncologist knows of no other help doesn’t mean there isn’t any. Travel to a larger facility, ask about clinical trials, and reach out to oncologists who are part of newer research and cutting edge technology.

This content was written by staff of HysterSisters.com by non-medical professionals based on discussions, resources and input from other patients for the purpose of patient-to-patient support.  Reprinted with permission: 5 Reasons to Get a Second Opinion When You Have Gynecologic (GYN) Cancer

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