Ashley’s Abdominal Hysterectomy

Abdominal Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 28
Location: Springfield Mo
I had my tubes tied after my third child and within a year, I told my doctor that I was having pain issues. He put me on Motrin. Well the next year, I went for my annual exam and told him it wasn’t going away and that if got worse. My doctor told me that it could be my endometriosis flaring up. See my past wasn’t very good because at age 11 I was having ovarian cyst and they occur all the time, and  eventually they diagnosed me endometriosis then. So after having three children, and pregnancies were not fun, had all kind of issues and one miscarriage, the doctor decided this last June that he would go a with hysterectomy. He also sent me to a urologist for my bladder. After months of tests,  finally in October of this year, they did exploratory surgery and found  “I was falling out”.  I had to have a bladder sling, pelvic muscle repair, hysterectomy – it could not be done laparoscopic,  it had to be done abdominal. Well after knowing that and pain was so bad I was sick to stomach, I was hoping to have surgery that next week. Nope I had to wait til November 20. I went in and what was suppose to be 2 hour surgery ended up being 4 hours. They left my ovaries, but took everything else . Now months later I feel great, but having libido problems and severe vaginal dryness and trying to get that under control which is taking forever.

Both surgeries was great. I had the best gynecological doctor and one of the top urologist in Springfield area. The anesthesia wasn’t so great because the first one they put me under with gas, and I was sick afterward, so they decided to get anesthesia though iv and see if it helps with sickness nope it didn’t work. I had to stay three days because of all the work that had to be done in my pelvic area. After three days, they released me to go home.

My recovery was far from a normal one because we were in the middle of buying a new home and the Monday after I came home we had to sign papers on it and close. And then from there we had to pack and move before December 7 . But after going to my doctor appointments afterward, my doctors said it was probably the best thing for me so I didn’t sit around and stuff.

My health has been great, except for my low libido, sleepiness, and insomnia but other than that it,  great never felt better.

Make sure you ask a lot of questions and how it affects things afterwards.

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