Anita’s Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

Type of Hysterectomy: TLH
Age at surgery: 44
Location: MD

I had a partial hysterectomy because I was diagnosed with fibroid tumors in 2011 and had irregular periods and heavy bleeding, to the point that I became severely anemic. I explored birth control and other medications to lighten the bleeding which would work for a little while, but as the fibroids increased in number so did the clotting and bleeding. I suffered for four years, got three different opinions and saw four different specialist because i was not ready to undergo such a major surgery.

I finally decided to have surgery since i knew i was not having anymore children (I have two beautiful girls). I was really nervous and almost changed my mind in the operating room but my husband and surgery staff made me feel comfortable. I think I had general anesthesia since I had no other health problems, and I went home 1 day later.

The important issues for me were the pain and being able to have a normal bowel movement. My recovery was surprisingly good; I had minimal pain, but was very tired most days. I was a little worried about my sex life after the surgery but my husband was very patient and understanding. I was out of work for 6 weeks and was released to regular duties by my doctor in 8 weeks.

My health has improved so much! I am more active, more confident in myself, I have more energy, and I actually have a better relationship with my husband. Having the hysterectomy was the best decision and I am so glad i did it!

The advice I would give is to research your options first. Get a second or third opinion. Talk it over with your family or loved ones you trust. Pray (if your religious) and go with your first instinct. You know whats best for YOU… You have one life… LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH!

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