Myomectomy vs. Hysterectomy

I have a large fibroid that is causing me a lot of discomfort. I am 52 but not menopausal. I’d like to do a myomectomy instead of a hysterectomy, but my doctor seems to feel that the recovery is easier with the hysterectomy. What should I do?

A second opinion is always helpful. It will help you gain new information. It will help you gain new perspective. It will help you gain peace of mind with your decision. No matter what you decide, a second opinion is a winning idea for you and your health.

A myomectomy is a very good alternative treatment for fibroids. Some doctors use a small abdominal incision to do the surgery. Other doctors are comfortable and skilled with laparoscopic surgery techniques including the use of the daVinci method. If you are unfamiliar with daVinci surgery, visit their website to learn more about it.

Some women at HysterSisters even report having multiple myomectomies over the years and they consider their choice a good option. Maintaining their uterus and pelvic floor support was their goal while they removed the fibroids and their symptoms.

Gathering more information will help you make your final decision and it starts with a second opinion.

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