How will my uterus be removed during my hysterectomy?

How your uterus will be removed during your hysterectomy will depend on a number of factors. These will include your diagnosis, if you are keeping your cervix, the skill of your surgeon, and whether there is a cancer concern.

When there is a cancer concern, the uterus is usually removed in one piece regardless of the type of hysterectomy. It may or may not be kept contained within a bag. Where there is no cancer concern, the uterus may be removed whole or cut into pieces. Depending on the surgeon, the uterus can be cut while inside a bag, or it may be cut using various tools that will also remove the pieces.

Typically, during a vaginal hysterectomy the complete uterus is delivered through the vagina. With an abdominal hysterectomy, the uterus is removed in one piece through the larger abdominal incision.

For laparoscopic and da Vinci hysterectomies, there are several different ways the uterus can be removed. In some cases, the uterus will be removed through the vagina. At other times, it will be cut into pieces and removed through one of the small incision in the abdomen. In other cases, a slightly larger abdominal incision will be made through which the uterus can be removed in one piece.

As there are a variety of ways the uterus can be removed, it is best to ask your surgeon about the specifics for your surgery. If you have specific concerns or preferences, be sure to discuss them with your surgeon prior to your hysterectomy.

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