Haley’s Robotic Hysterectomy

daVinci Robotic Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 43
Location: Ca USA

Was diagnosed with ademynosis after experiencing months of pain. GP initially thought it was kidney stones. CT Scan and later an ultrasound showed that the uterus lining was thickening. Previously had an ablation 3 years prior for irregular heavy bleeding and Painful periods. Ademynosis was suspected then, but I did not want further testing. Dr had recommended hysterectomy at that time, but I declined and opted for ablation instead.

Surgery went well, recovery not so much. Nurses were unable to control my pain, still wonder how they knew considering I was unconscious, I was given high doses of pain meds to get my pain under control. Eventually I had to be put on oxygen as I was starting to not breathe on my own. Even after I was woken up as soon as I would doze off I’d barely be breathing. What was only supposed to be no more than 6 hrs at hospital, turned into I think 12 before I was stabilized enough to go home.
Upon release from hospital I was sent home with a drip catheter of lidocaine for pain. Had that for 3 days, then removed it at home.

Dr allowed me to go to normal activities at about 9 weeks. 6 week check-up showed I still had internal stitches. However at 10 weeks I started bleeding heavy. Saw my Dr next day. Put me on bed rest for a couple days, then back on restrictions for 3 weeks. And ordered an admoninal ultrasound. I’ll see him again at 3 week mark for another check up and results of ultrasound. Recovery for me has been very slow. He said I appear to be one of those that just heals at a slower pace.

Health wise I’m doing okay. At this point I don’t regret having the hysterectomy, but at the same time I’m wondering if it was even beneficial. Or if I should’ve opted to have everything taken because now I seem to be having issues with my ovaries.

My advice would be to really think it through. Weigh all the pros and cons and make sure the decision is yours alone. Have a good support group around you after surgery. Every woman is different and so is their experience.


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