Nancy’s Robotic Hysterectomy

I had a hysterectomy, due my Dr finding Endometriosis, I suffered for over 8 yrs of terrible pain, awful periods and trouble getting pregnant. The endometrosis was not found until after our daughter was born but we had do invitro to have her. My first Dr who found the endometriosis did a laproscopy and found it; however, he did not want to do any type of scraping of it because it was located on the bowel and bladder. I just went on Lupron and birth control pills and decided to try and find a new doctor that specialized in endometrosis, This dr again suggested Lupron. I went to another doctor who did another laproscopy and scraped it all out. The endometrosis was all over and when the scraping was done he decided to birth control pills. So between three laproscopies, over 2 years of Lupron, different birth control pills, trying to get pregnant by doing 3 artificial inseminations and 3 invitros, my body was getting tired of all the drugs and the pain.

When I woke up from surgery, I was in shock at how good I felt. It took me 8 yrs to decide to have it and I was scared to death. The only problem in the hospital was the catheter they put it in. It was not draining properly and the fluid was building up, so I had them take it out. I do not know exactly what kind of anesthesia I had, but I know I was on a morphine drip after. The day after in the hospital I was eating and walking very well, they were surprised on how good I was doing and said I could go home the next day,

The first 5 weeks of the surgery was wonderful. I felt great like a new person then I got severe hot flashes, awfully tired, anxiety got real bad, depressed, couldn’t sleep at all. I was very worried after the surgery because I was afraid I was going to hit menopause and my body would just fall apart. At 6 weeks I was released to do regular activities. I had a rash around all the incisions for over 6 weeks. The recovery definitely has not been easy and has taken a toll on body and my hormones. My doctor says as medically speaking it does not make sense to having all these menopausal symptoms especially since I have one ovary.

As far as advice, Make sure you read about the surgery and know exactly what you are getting into. Don’t always believe the doctor. Everyone heals different. Hormones are very different after the surgery. It takes a long time to get back. Don’t let the doctor tell you that you are depressed and put you on antidepressant. Your hormones mess things and make you different don’t let the doctor tell you it is not hormones., I am still having hot flashes and it almost 8 months. It is a tough surgery the body needs to adjust. Everyone woman has to do what is best for yourself and body but just always be prepared. A surgery like this is not easy.

Vera Petrunina/
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