Brianna’s Vaginal Hysterectomy

Vaginal Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 38
Location: Colorado

I had suffered from monthly ovarian cysts and pain resulting in bimonthly trips to the emergency room for ultra sounds to make sure my remaining ovary wasn’t ruptured (surgeon took my left ovary previously to a ruptured ovary cyst) also had extremely heavy bleeding where I bring extra clothes in my trunk and wear a super diaper sized pad along w a super plus tampon to prevent accidents. Felt my shoes would fill w blood upon standing somedays. I also had bad endometriosis. All of which were debilitating and keeping me from leading a normal life.

Stayed in hospital 1 night.

Difficult recovery and still bad almost 5 years later, I regret the decision everyday. I had bladder retention so had a catheter for 3 weeks. But worse is my hormones… we can’t seem to get them right no matter what we do. No one told me about this part was told I could take a patch or pill to replace hormones but I get terrible headaches and migraines from estradiol progesterone or testosterone but your body requires estrogen for brain heart joints to bones memory teeth cartilage hair skin and general well being feeling. I feel I had aged to 90 years just in the first few weeks post hysterectomy my skin dried out, dry heels cracking stuck on my socks the 5th day. My hair broke off and thinning and my eyes sunk back into my head my nails stopped growing and split and break and none of this improved post surgery.

I am no longer smart quick and snappy or funny. I can’t do imagination or positive thinking any longer and when I sit down to write nothing comes to mind. It’s blocked. I used to be creative and spiritual and optimistic and just had a natural creative flow and general knowledge that came very natural. I struggle to find words now, I struggle to speak or keep up in general conversations. It felt like this all happened over a matter of weeks after surgery. My estrogen level plummeted from 300s prior to surgery down to 50s and stayed therefor a while. Even when we managed to double up w two methods of e I can only get to 120 before the bad side affects start in testosterone makes it worse and progesterone seems to kick off strange auto immune type issues. None of my drs are any help w any of this.

I would think long and hard if you have any options. I read every article I could get my hands on and still made the wrong choice. I use traded one set of problems for another w this surgery. And the problems I have now are much much worse and harder to treat and the doctors just shrug their shoulders saying they have never encountered anyone have so many issues but this forum and others are full of women suffering due to ovary removal and a lot of them unnecessarily and uneducated about repercussions and no little to no support from the medical community post hysterectomy. I feel so grateful to have found such wonderful support here on hystersisters.

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