7 Strategies for Getting off the Emotional Rollercoaster after Hysterectomy

After your hysterectomy, you may find yourself on an emotional roller coaster. Of course, a roller coaster at a theme park provides the rider with a moment or two of fun. But if you aren’t on vacation, an emotional roller coaster is definitely not enjoyable.

Hormones, a surgery like a hysterectomy, and menopause can play havoc on your feelings. You are left with mood swingsand a less than stellar mood.

To put a smile back on your face and bring you back to solid ground, you’ll need to practice some happiness tactics. You can begin by putting into practice “Hakuna Matata!”

Don’t worry, be happy.

Seriously, learning not to worry is a big step toward happiness. It’s easier said than done, but worry doesn’t prevent any problems. Instead, it causes needless stress and robs you of today’s joy.

Develop a healthy outlook.

If your expectations for yourself and life are unrealistic, you’ll never be happy. You’ll find yourself constantly failing to reach the unobtainable heights you’ve set for yourself, leaving you feeling defeated, discouraged, and depressed.

Don’t start too big.

When you get started on your new path to happiness, be sure to keep things in perspective. If you try to make too many elaborate changes all at once, you could set yourself up for failure. Set realistic goals and expectations for yourself that you’ll be able to achieve.

Take action.

Once you’ve set your goals, put them into action. You have the power to take the steps you need toward happiness, so start implementing them as soon as possible. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day, so give yourself time and don’t give up.

Exercise – even if it’s just a 10 minute walk.

Exercise can boost your energy and brighten your mood in a number of ways. Physically moving around releases endorphins, a chemical that helps energize your body and make you feel good. It also promotes changes in the brain that let you feel calmer and have a sense of well-being. Exercise can also distract you from the things that are causing you to feel depressed. As an added bonus, sex is considered exercise – so it can lift your mood in more than one way!

Check your diet.

The junk food you think of as comfort food might make you feel good for awhile, but in just a short time it can leave you feeling worse than before. Comfort foods tend to be high in carbs and sugar, causing a drastic fluctuation in blood sugar. They can make you feel sick, tired, irritable, and even more depressed than when you started. Instead of junk food, try a balanced breakfast and healthy diet which can lift your mood and ease feelings of depression. As a bonus, avoiding junk food can also help with managing your weight which can also help with symptoms of depression.

Consider hormones or medications.

If you are in menopause, you may need hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Estrogen can help with depression, mood swings, and the blues that are caused by menopause. Antidepressants and other medications can also help lift your spirits and get you back on an even keel.

Take action.

You’ve seen it on plaques, coffee mugs, posters, and t-shirts, so put it into action: Accept the things you cannot change, have courage to change the things you can, and use wisdom to know the difference. Start taking steps today to put a smile on your face and a bounce in your step.

This content was written by staff of HysterSisters.com by non-medical professionals based on discussions, resources and input from other patients for the purpose of patient-to-patient support. Reprinted with permission: 7 Strategies for Getting off the Emotional Rollercoaster after Hysterectomy


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