Your Hair & Hysterectomy and Recovery

f you have longer hair, you may find some hairstyles tips helpful as you prepare for your upcoming hysterectomy and recovery. Not having to worry about your hair can help you focus on more important things.

During your hysterectomy, you will not be allowed to wear anything in your hair. It will need to be clean and free, and you’ll be given a lovely shower cap to wear over your hair. You could, however, french braid your hair prior to surgery so that it isn’t so fly away during check in and while you are being prepped in Pre Op. As you’ll need to remove the tie or rubber band from the end of the braid before going into the operating room, use a cheap elastic tie you can throw away. You could also wear your hair straight or curled in a pony tail or messy bun, but be prepared to remove the band before surgery. Remember, do not use any hair product–mousse, hair spray, gel, etc.–in your hair as it is not allowed during surgery.

For your hospital stay, you should be able to wear your hair however it is comfortable. If you can get someone to help, having your hair in one or two french braids can be an easy way to keep your hair comfortable and out of your face while spending time in your hospital bed. With a single french braid, you can pull the tail back up through the french braid and create a small bun higher on your head. You can also do a side braid. Braids can also be wrapped around your head like a crown or put into a bun. Pocahontas braids can be comfortable for lying down while keeping your hair contained. You can also braid only the top portion of your hair. This will keep it out of your face but also loose so it might be more comfortable.

A single ponytail can keep your hair out of your face, but it might not be comfortable while lying down if placed directly on the back of your head. You might prefer a ponytail higher on your head or worn at the neck with a scrunchie or hair tie. Two ponytails can keep your hair manageable and make lying down more comfortable.

A high bun can keep your hair contained and out of your face. You could use a few hair pins or scrunchie to hold it in place. You could also do a twist or roll. The key is getting your hair out of your face but not on the back of your head when you will be lying down.

If you would prefer to keep your hair free, a bandana or scarf can be worn over your hair to keep it out of your face. You could also use barrettes, clips, or a soft head band to hold the hair around your face.

You don’t want to take a lot of hair things to the hospital, so having some idea of how you wear your hair will help you with packing. You’ll want styles that you can do easily and possibly without a mirror. For your hair adornments, you’ll want something you can use easily, isn’t uncomfortable, and isn’t valuable. Also, you’ll want to remember to place any hair adornments where they will be comfortable while lying down.

This content was written by staff of by non-medical professionals based on discussions, resources and input from other patients for the purpose of patient-to-patient support. Reprinted with permission: Your Hair & Hysterectomy and Recovery Africa Studio

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