Sarah’s Abdominal Hysterectomy

Abdominal Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 45
Location: Philadelphia pa

I had my surgery because of severe endometriosis. I suffered from agonizing abdominal pain and wickedly heavy bleeding with every period since I was a s teenager. I have been treated with birth control, lupron shots and had multiple laproscopic surgeries: my endometriosis always came back. I kept putting off having a hysterectomy even though I was in agony, plus my mother had ovarian cancer, well because you know I didn’t want to lose what I thought made me feminine. It finally got so bad, my hemoglobin was so low and I felt so horrible I got the surgery.

I had a open hysterectomy, with removal of ovaries and fallopian tubes , under general anesthesia . I woke up in the recovery in excruciating pain. I was admitted overnight and discharged the next evening.

The first week after my surgery was pretty painful. Every day activities were painful and I would tire very easily. Sleeping was difficult because I couldn’t find a comfortable position. Every time I sneezed or cough I would see stars. On top of the surgical pain I developed a yeast infection that wouldn’t go away. It was ten weeks before my Dr released me, although I still do not feel 100%.

It’s been eleven weeks since my surgery and I still do not feel 100%. I have terrible hot flashes, which I guess is good for my heating bill since I don’t need to turn it up for the polar vortex. I also have mood swings. I’ve noticed since having my hysterectomy, my nails are horrible and I feel like my body chemistry changed. Hopefully hrt will help.

Im not really sure what advice I would give to someone facing this surgery. Its a really hard decision to make. For most women its a last resort. I wish I didn’t have to get it, if there was any other way I would have done it. I guess I would say just have a good support system , someone to not only help with the physical but with the emotional.
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