Theresa’s Abdominal Hysterectomy

Abdominal Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 45
Location: Brasilia/DF/Brasil

I had an enlarged uterus, 4x normal size, because of my miomas, the ones which extends the uterus walls. I had been having my yearly ultrasounds as routine, but every year the uterus was bigger than before, so I had to realize I had to remove it. Although, the only bad symptom I had was a very very heavy period, but I did not have in between bleeding, so I guess that is why it took me sooo long to decide removing it. And also, the delay gave me one option, abdominal hysterectomy, the laparoscopic would be riskier, so I did not want risking a perfuration in other organs because of a quickier recovery….and beside I heard many testimonies of bad outcomes with the laparoscopic procedure. So I found a doctor which had done this procedure many and many times before, and went for it. I am a regular exerciser, go to the gym 3x times a week, and when I decided to do the surgery, it was even more important to be in top shape for it. And my recovery was very very good, I own it to my healthy and fitness at the time, and of course God in first place and the doctor in second.

I had a spinal anesthesia. I went to surgery at 5pm on a Tuesday, my surgery lasted around 3 hours and got out of the hospital at midday of the Thursday….so I slept 2 days at the hospital. I went home having the cateter removed and had my first urination by myself, and on Saturday I had my first bowel movement.The doctor told me my surgery lasted more than antecipated because of the adherences I had….. I had had 2 c-sections in my lifetime…so that should be taken in consideration as well for the type of procedure you choose to have….

My recovery was easy…. I think it was even easier than my c-sections…. and I really think it was because my body was much more fit for the surgery. So if I can recomend….for sure stop smoking, and do some regular exercising with muscle training for firm your core body. months before your surgery to firm your body and your belly. I think it really really helped me to be in a better shape. I questioned myself for waiting so long to do the surgery, because of the size of my uterus I felt I had one option: abdominal hysterectomy…. but I see now it was the right choice… and I had a good outcome.

My health was good, all cardio, blood and lungs exams came back normal, so I was good to go. I feel great not having my periods anymore, I kept the ovaries, so I do not feel any symptoms of menopause yet. It is good to know that I don´t have to worry about over bleeding and dirtying my clothing, big pads anymore… it is a new life.

Find a doctor which has performed this surgery many, many, many times before, his experience is the most important thing. And visit at least 3 doctors in this process in order to make up your mind, it is important to have more than one opinion for sure. Prepare yourself, go to the gym, get your core body stronger, your heart as well, stop smoking for sure. Read about the types of surgery, choose the one that involves the least risks. Pray to the Lord to guide you in this process, since much is not in our hands. Prepare your mind, read about it, ask questions, see if your doctor will be available to you after the surgery as well. And follow the recomendations, get things ready for the after surgery, do not carry weights or stress yourself, respect the timing of recovery.


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