Lindsay’s Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 41
Location: Indiana

10 years ago I had a large tumor (8lbs,18 inches long) removed and also left Oophorectomy. Before that Ive had multiple DnC’s done. All kind of test,pills. 5 years ago I had another tumor removed. I have always had issues since teens with endometrious,tumors,missed periods, or having a period everyday. I was diagnosed with endometrious,PCOS,and possible Hashimoto’s. I was lucky to birth 1 child(he’s 21 now) and was never able to get pregnant again.
Recently it was found that with in the 5 years I grew another tumor. I decided with my doctor hysterectomy would be best, they would never do it before because of my age. I have been suffering with my insides having a monster in it from age 12-41yrs. IT’s been too long and i was DONE.

I had my Laparoscopic Hysterectomy on Nov 17th 2017. Went home the same day.Plan from my doctor was to go in remove the tumor and leave my only remaining ovary. Came out of anesthesia and was informed by my Doctor that it was too bad inside. I had not only one large tumor but multiple ones, and they was so twisted in my tube and ovary he had to take everything out. It was also found out that my tumors grew outside of my uterus and was pressing against my bowels. He said you had to be in excruciating pain everyday. I said I WAS , but we as women suck it up and move on. So my doctor said he had to remove everything, ovaries,tissue,cervix,uterus.

My recovery went well, I never realized i was in so much pain before till I had it all removed. I had an issued with my bowels, due to the tumor grew to my bowels and was pressing against them, doctor had to scrap my bowel lining. So I did have extra pain with bathroom, and he did not want me to sit or stand for more then 15 mins at a time , to not to compress the bowels due to they was thin, and if broke chance of infection and dying.

I am at my 3 months recovery and have to say I am one of the lucky ones. I had a hysterectomy with my ovaries removed and not experienced Menopause. Actually my hormones before was such a roller coaster, right now I have never felt my hormones more in line then ever. Due to feeling so good, I have w/my doctor consultation to not start HRT, he insisted at first, but I feel so good. I don’t want to anger the beast if I don’t have to. Before I battled depression,saddness,mood swings everyday. Now I actually feel happy, which is new to me. For me this is the best decision I ever did, and wish doctors would listen to patients and I could have had it done earlier or not.

Most important advice for a woman considering a hysterectomy is follow your gut. We as women know our bodies and what we need. Face your surgery and listen to your doctors instructions for healing, but just follow your intuition.
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