Jennifer’s Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 42
Location: Lancashire, ukHi sisters. I am 15 weeks post total hysterectomy and have found this forum very helpful. I have suffered for 20 years with endometriosis and congested pelvis, endo treated with surgery and depoprovera injections but when i came off those to try for a baby a whole new world of pain opened up for me. My interest in sex has always been low and always painful, not to mention the mood fluctuations and my very angry personality. Baby never came along so at 41 a hysterectomy was discussed because despite laps to get rid of endo i was still in pain. I reluctantly agreed and had a total hysterectomy in Oct 2017.

Recovery was very difficult, i found myself grieving for the child i never had, and would never have and a dark cloud descended upon me. I had an infection, overdid activities, thought it was the end of my sex life and set myself back weeks, physically and emotionally, however, 15 weeks on and it feels like a switch has been flicked and I feel absolutely amazing! I have tweeked my HRT with dr and found the right balance – finally. I still get tired by mid-afternoon but my whole outlook on life has changed – long gone is the angry person i used to be, goodbye mood swings, goodbye uncontrollable crying, goodbye constant pain and hello life and (more importantly) libido. I feel like a new woman and a teenager, my husband and i both enjoy intamacy now and lots of it – pain free! This hysterectomy really has changed my life. I spent 12 months contemplating whether or not to have it done but am so happy i did, the longing for a child is easing and no longer having the option of childbirth seems to have helped my grieving, i can move on and start a new chapter.

Thanks to all sisters who posted their stories, they comforted and reassured me in my darkest moments. I hope you all have success like me and enjoy long, pain free lives. THANKYOU x

For my surgery i elected laparoscopic/vaginal hysterectomy. I was given the option of general anaesthetic and morphine or general anaesthetic and epidural with 18 hr pain killer. I opted for the epidural and very pleased that i did. Surgery went well, surgeon thought he nicked my bladder but fortunately he was wrong. I went home the following day – my birthday! Needles to say, the moment i returned home the pain started, it was unbearable! However, glad i was at home and in pain and with my husband.

Some ladies admitted same day as me had abdominal surgery and looked awful with a stay in hospital for at least 3 days. I, on the other hand, looked great (in comparison) – some patients asked me when i was due in theatre, they were shocked when i told them i had just had a total hysterectomy – my husband came to visit and couldn’t believe how well i looked – not having morphine helped a lot. Laparoscopy was the right decision for me.

Important issues and biggest worry was sex, sounds shallow but after 16 years of painful sex and a hubby with high sex drive i prayed that i could have a normal sex life after surgery. It is so important in a relationship and have always felt inferior becaus of lack of libido – fortunately i have a loving, patient and understanding husband who is now reaping the rewards (as am i).

My other concern was the inability to have a child. We tried for many years without success but there’s always the “what if” factor but at 41 and 20 years of pain i made the choice – that was the hardest decision of all and it broke me. 1 werk post op i helped my dad order his prescriptions and he thanked me and said “what would i do if i didn’t have a daughter to help me” the floodgates opened and i was crying uncontrollably, what have i done? Why did i have thos op? Who will look after me when i grow old, OMG i want a baby. Thankfully, as the HRT kicked in and i read some self-help books that intense grieving has gone and all regrets are slowly ebbing away as i recover. Surgery pain heals slowly, as does the emotional effects. I am thankful for my life and my mantra is to accept the things i cannot change and live my life to its fullest.

So very pleased i had this done! Up until a week or so i was regretting it but now feel amazing – i think a man must have written the recovery guidance! No way could i have teturned to work 6 weeks after surgery. I returned to work (on a phased return) 12 weeks after surgery. Do not rush going back to work, give yourself time to heal properly, it takes 12 weeks for all your nerves and tissues to knit back together…not 6!

Know that recovery is slow and painful. Have plenty of support, physical and emotional. Read others stories, cry when you feel like crying, be angry if you feel angry but look after yourself and be patient!
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