Jenny’s Abdominal Hysterectomy

Abdominal Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 47
Location: California

I had fibroids for years which grew exponentially in the few months before my surgery. I also have endometriosis.

In the months leading up to the decision to have surgery I was bleeding. Flooding unontrollably for weeks and was having sharp take your breath away pain(the pain had been going on for about 6 months prior to the bleeding) it would wake me out if a deep sleep. I was also peeing my pants. Couldn’t hold my bladder for more than a half hour and was constantly looking for bathrooms. The bleeding was what got me to see a Dr as I was living with the pain and bladder issue. I also had grown two pant sizes and looked pregnant. Before surgery my uterus was so large it blocked off my bladder at times so that I couldn’t pee at all, which was terrifying and painful.

I had a TAH with cervix and tubes. I arrived at the hospital early morning and was in recovery around noon. I was under general anesthesia with a spinal as well. I was given pain medication after surgery which caused anaphylaxis, although they didn’t know it at the time. My HR and blood pressure dropped out and I was given an epinephrine shot to revive me. I was taken to my room and given liquids. The next shot of pain medication caused a severe reaction and I vomited uncontrollably and HR and BP dropped again. I was switched to another pain medication and slept most of the day and night.

I was in the hospital 2 nights, I was allowed to stay another night but I wanted to be home and I was healing well enough that the dr allowed it. I was required to be off the catheter, eating and keeping down solid food and walking before I was allowed to leave.

Recovery was hard. I took all of my pain medication and all of the time off I was allowed which is not what I expected.

I was worried about pain and it was bad but manageable. I was worried about not being able to do things for myself and it was hard. I was worried about my sex life with my husband. The most surprising thing after surgery was how long I was exhausted. The fatigue lasted months and I would start to forget about the hysterectomy and then would overdo it one day and just be flat out sleeping by 6pm and not wake up until the next day. This was months after the surgery and didn’t resolve until recently. I’m a year post surgery.

The issues I had before the hysterectomy are all resolved. But, My ovaries didn’t start up right away and I’ve had issues with hair loss, fatigue, irritability and hot flashes.

I’m glad I had the hysterectomy but would have preferred not to have the issues in the first place.

It’s a big surgery and it will take time to recover. Ask a lot of questions and get as second opinion.

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