Macy’s Vaginal Hysterectomy

Vaginal Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 37
Location: NY

I had a TVH at age 37 in April 2017 for fibroids discomfort, and irregular, heavy bleeding that I had been suffering with my entire menstruating life – since 1992. I did not explore other treatments, aside from being on the pill on and off for years to try to ‘regulate’ and keep the fibroids in check but this did not work for either of those things. My opinions were just from my usual gyn, who suggested it since I never wanted kids and I “wasn’t using it”
The only other dr. I saw about it was the gyn surgeon she referred me to. within weeks it was over and done with.

My surgery was done by an amazing doctor who teaches the procedure at a major NYC hospital. It went perfectly well, it was 45 minutes long. He has zero bedside manner however, but all that matters is I had a great and safe/successful surgery, we don’t need to be best friends!
He did fight for me with my insurance company. They tried to say that at my age I could not possibly be sure that I didn’t want future children. How dare they, which is exactly what my surgeon thought! He fought for me for weeks back and forth with them, and would not cancel me from the operating room schedule. He finally got my clearance 2 days before, when I threatened lawyers. That was the only negative really. I was in the hospital for a total of 7 hours, including registration in the early morning and recovery in the late afternoon. I went under completely for the procedure, and felt fine after. Later that night I had bleeding for about 20 minutes, soaked through one pad. Then that was it.

My recovery was easy, and I have to say I am SO much happier now, although the TVH didn’t completely solve my issues as I also have rectocele, but that’s another story.
the fibroids and bleeding concerns, however, are gone and that is a HUGE relief in my life.
After surgery I stayed home 3 days. the 3rd day i actually worked from home. I really had no trouble moving around. I returned to work the following week.

I really am SO much happier now, although the TVH didn’t completely solve my issues as I also have rectocele, but that’s another story.
Not having the fibroids and bleeding concerns, is a HUGE relief in my life. A total game-changer for me. I’m very glad I did it.

I think women should know that it’s a valid option, and to fight for what you want, for your body, to make sure you are happy and healthy. I had some invisible force in the insurance company try to block my surgery and say that as a woman I didn’t really know, couldn’t be really sure, that I didn’t want to have children. I’ve known that since I was 6! It’s your body.

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