Christine’s Abdominal Hysterectomy

Abdominal Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 47
Location: Fresno California United States

I had a total hysterectomy keeping my ovaries and removing my cervix. I had the procedure done because my uterus was 3 times bigger than a normal uterus and it was filled with fibroids. I also had a 6 cm fibroid sitting on top of the outside of my uterus. This was all pushing down on my colon and bladder which was causing symptoms similar to stomach flu.I knew I had one small fibroid 10 years ago but my primary said that would not cause the symptoms I was experiencing. I got sick this March with stomach flu like symptoms. Diaherra, nausea, night sweats and abdominal pain and pelvic pain.

It lasted over a week. I was tested for e-coil, salmonella and h-pylori. I was given a endoscopy and colonoscopy. The colonoscopy was incomplete as they discover I was constipated with over flow diaherra. I pushed for an ultrasound on my pelvic area after the ultrasound on my abdomen showed nothing. I was in pain from March until June when I had my surgery. It took me getting a second opinion from my sister’s ob gyn and him reviewing my ultrasound to tell me what was going on. The symptoms I had were symptoms of fibroids. Needless to say I was upset that it took that long from someone to tell me what was going on. I decided on the hysterectomy because my uterus was not going to shrink back to normal size and I would have eventually had to have needed a bladder life.

My surgery and hospital experience was better than what I anticipated. I have never had major surgery and because my uterus was so big it could only be done abdominally. I was put under with general anesthesia, I refused the spinal block because you can have issue with this afterwards. My doctor had also prescribed pain pumps for me to be put above my incision so I knew I didn’t need the block. I did get sick from the anesthesia and from the morphine and Percocet I was given in recovery. I also felt burning pain when I woke up.

I was suppose to only be in the hospital overnight but because I was in pain and they couldn’t get me up to walk me I ended up staying two nights. I was fine the second day of post op and I had my catheter removed and my bowel movements were just fine. I had no longer had pressure or pain anymore. I did not take any pain meds due the pain pumps installed. I only took Motrin when I felt discomfort. The third day I was eating solidl foods and sent home. My surgeon who is also my ob gyn was awesome and well as the staff at the hospital.

I am now going on 5 months postop. My recovery was easy but very wearing on someone like me who is active and has never had kids or any kind of major surgery. I don’t know how to relax and it took me also passing out to realize that it is going to be long road ahead of me.

I was able to go back to work 6 weeks after my procedure but I was still moving around slow. I had my follow up a couple of months ago and my doctor said I can resume normal activity. Right now I try to do things I haven’t done in awhile but I still get tired and sometimes i am a little sore. But it sure beats the pain I was in before.

My health is slowly improving as I am 5 month post op. I still get tired and sometimes I still have a little swelling and soreness. I am glad I had my hysterectomy. I don’t even want to imagine what would have happen to me if I had never pushed for an ultrasound and second opinion. I would have blown out my bowels or damaged my intestines by the constipation and diaherra I was having.

I would definitely do your research and get a second opinion. Also be very adamant about your health. Don’t let the doctors tell you that you can’t have symptoms of this or that. You know your body and you know when something is not right. Yes, those symptoms of constipation or diaherra can be your fibroids acting up. I am so grateful I found a ob gyn who not only listened but also took the time to explain my results to me. He also went over every option I had available to me. I also recommend pain pumps if you are having an abdominal hysterectomy. These were a lifesaver. I would have been in the worse pain if I did not have these. They were attached to me for the first 5 days after surgery and they are easy to remove once they are empty. Some insurances don’t cover them, my didn’t. But it was the best $250.00 I ever spent.

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