Powering up: Why women should get in training for menopause

Should women get in training for menopause? Yes – and the sooner the better.

Although menopause – the time when periods sign off for good – kicks in at around 50, symptoms like hot flushes, fractured sleep and a spreading waistline can start in the 40s. It’s called the perimenopause:  the years when ovaries start winding down, creating hormonal changes that can influence bone health, heart health – and where you stack on weight.

But an exercise habit can do a lot to help, says Professor Lily Stojanovska, a researcher in women’s health at Victoria University’s College of Health and BioMedicine.

“There’s good evidence that exercise improves sleep and mood, and leads to better blood glucose control, as well as healthier blood fats and blood pressure. Exercise also improves the immune system and with that comes better health,” she says.

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