Jessie’s DaVinci Hysterectomy

This was a very interesting process for me. In January, 2015 I had an alarming nightmare about my mother, who died of ovarian cancer in 2005. The dream was so vivid and scary about her dying that I made a much-needed doctor appointment soon after. at the time of the appointment, I went to just get checked out. I felt my blood pressure was high (it is, but now controlled by meds) and I was stressed out. However, I never had any menstrual pain, never had cramps, was always regular with periods.

Because of my family history of ovarian/uterine cancer (going back 3 generations EVERY female has been affected on my mom’s side, either with pre-cancer or full on cancer.) The doctor decided to do a uterine biopsy in advance of a possible IUD to combat any future uterine cancer. Well, the biopsy and subsequent D&C revealed i was stage 4 uterine pre-cancer. I found out on my mom’s 10th anniversary of dying of cancer that I, too, had to have a total hysterectomy. No symptoms, I just ‘knew.’ Was my mom watching over me? Never got any additional opinions. Once I met with the oncologist, I had the hysterectomy a week later.

I think they knocked me out and then blew me up with the gas. No complications. I stayed one night and was home the next day. I started walking 2 days out of surgery.

The gas was the difficult thing to deal with. The bloating hurt, but I walked every day and was only off of work 2 weeks. I went back part time after that. I was able to resume regular activities at 6 weeks, but I still took it easy. I never missed a day of walking. The greatest challenges for me was to stay still. Even though I shouldn’t admit it, I did drag the hose around the yard from time to time during those first few weeks to water the garden.

My health is now better than ever. I was bloated for a few months but dealt with it. I had horrible hot flashes, but now I’m on Estrogel. After the first 24 hours of taking Estrogel, I have not had a hot flash since. I am exercising harder than ever, taking OrangeTheory Fitness classes so I do weights, rowing and running and I feel awesome! I have had no side effects from the hysterectomy. I am getting married for the first time now (at 50!) and taking advantage of life. The hysterectomy was a wake up call that life can be short and there is still so much to do. The only downside is I have absolutely no sexual desires. That seems to have totally gone away since the hysterectomy and even though I am taking estrogen. Honestly? I am fine with it as I could have ended up with cancer. Life is actually easier now!

For me I never looked back once I decided on having the hysterectomy. I knew with my family history I had to do it. I don’t feel any less of a woman without these female parts..

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