Tracy’s Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 46
Location: Vineland NJ USA

I had a family history of uterine cancer and colon cancer, and I was experiencing heavy bleeding. The MRI showed fibroids, enlarged uterus, and one ovary was completely covered. I had been seeing my family doctor, who sent me to a gynecologist, he sent me directly to an oncologist that specializes in female cancer. I had my surgery 6/21/2016.

Thank God there was no cancer, but in addition to what they found in test, they also discovered a polyp and both ovaries were in bad shape. I will not  be doing HRT as I am the oldest of 6 sisters, one had uterine cancer at 37, and will not get genetic testing.

I stayed overnight in the hospital since I had robotic surgery. They kept me very comfortable after surgery. I had no bleeding and only had 5 one inch incisions. I did make the mistake of sleeping upright the first night. My feet swelled, and it wasn’t comfortable. Just laying flat on my back was much more comfortable.

I was released to normal activities at 6 weeks. I had problems with constipation and sleep. At night it feels like I’m on fire.

About 2 weeks before, I started walking at least 2 miles a day. Now at 3 months, I’m up to 5-6 miles a day, or I take a bicycle ride between 12-17 miles. I’ve had no weight gain. I didn’t exercise before my surgery at all. I worked 45-50 hours a week at a stressful job for 25 years, which my husband and I decided I wasn’t going back to that job.

I am glad I got the surgery. No more wondering what’s in there and no more surprise periods.

Know your family history and all your options. Get a second opinion or third. Stay positive and I think most importantly start an exercise program, if you can’t motivate yourself, join a gym!

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