Susie’s Abdominal Hysterectomy

I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer – Stage 1. I did not get a second opinion, once I found out I had cancer I just wanted everything gone. It took almost a year to get diagnosed. My GP brushed my concerns/complaints off many times. I had not had a period in 5 years and was all of a sudden seeing blood again. She did a pap test which came back normal so she said i guess your menstruation has returned, congratulations. I convinced her to refer me to my gynecologist. He was terrific, and fit me in as an add-on at the hospital for a uterine biopsy. When that came back positive he again rushed me in for a d&c for staging the cancer. Then for the hysterectomy.

I was in the hospital for 3 nights. They used an epidural with morphine injection in my back. When I woke up, I could not feel my legs for about 8 hours. Could not move them . The morphine in the injection stays in your system for 24 hours. That along with Tylenol did a fair job of pain control. They had pressure cuffs on my legs that massaged the calves to help prevent clots.

After the morphine wore off, I was prescribed Percocet. They made me really ill. They made me feel terrible. I had to stop taking them. So the only pain medication I could take was Tylenol. The nurses and doctor were fantastic. Very reassuring , informative and competent.

It was very hard to get up or sit down. I found I had to use my arms a lot as I couldn’t use any stomach muscles. I wished I could take something other than Tylenol. It didn’t quite control pain. I ate a lot of fiber, fruit, vegetables, water as my bowel function still has not returned to normal. I was afraid as the cervix was removed what that would mean for intimate relations.

Recovering seems to take a long time. I found it frustrating. Not being able to move the way I want to. Not being able to walk far. Being exhausted. I am still exhausted. Doctor told me 8 weeks return to normal activities.

I am tired, but glad I had a hysterectomy.

Look in to products that may help. I didn’t know about binders and I really think that would have helped. I am really attached to my hot water bottle. Talk to your doctor. Make sure you have all the information. The first two weeks seemed the worst. Take your time healing.

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