Olga’s Abdominal Hysterectomy Story

Type of Hysterectomy:abdominal hysterectomy, kept ovaries
Age at surgery:50
Location: Dublin Ireland

I had a fibroid on my uterus, for couple of years. It didn’t cause me any serious problems like bleeding, etc.. Apart from going to toilet in the night few times I didn’t have any serious problems; therefore I wasn’t convinced to have this surgery.

My doctor suggested a hysterectomy because it was growing and could cause problems. This was at home. Since I live in Ireland I went to the doctor here as well to get a second opinion. They suggested hysterectomy as well. Still, I wasn’t ready to have it as I didn’t have serious problems, but after speaking to another doctor back at home, who also told me to have it, I agreed. The whole surgery happened within a month so I had only a little time to do any research, but I knew I wanted to keep ovaries because didn’t want to go to menopause from one day to another.

The day of surgery was long. I was first told I will go in the morning, but was waiting there until 4 pm and only then taken to the theatre. I had general anesthesia and an injection in the back. I stayed in the hospital 3 nights. The first night was ok but the second night was hell. I was in a lot of pain, so took any painkillers they could give me. I lost my appetite, couldn’t eat, but forced myself to eat something in order to go to the toilet. But I drank a lot of water, again because we were told we need to go before we are released. I walked a little in the hospital, but was in pain.

Coming home from hospital I took it easy and only walked at home as weather was bad in the winter for walking outside. I had horrible pain, cramps when going to toilet( not for pee) and had problems with gas, again horrible cramps. But as I started walking more, the pain slowly after 2 or 3 weeks finished. The first week didn’t go out. The second week I went for a short walk, really very slowly. My partner stayed with me first 2 days, really helped me a lot and still does a lot around the house.

I didn’t have worries about my life after hysterectomy, I was only worried that I heal well and have no complications about which I was reading here.

My incision healed well and I went to work after 6 weeks. I work in an office and first week I felt pain in my stomach from too much sitting maybe? But the second and third week all pain was gone. I started walking more every day and want to start swimming as well as I used to before.

My health after hysterectomy didn’t change rapidly, except for less toilet visits during the night.
I am hoping that by having hysterectomy I avoided future problems and that now I don’t have to worry. I am hoping that I will not have any problems which could be connected to this surgery like prolapsed bladder etc.

I hope that every woman who will have a hysterectomy will find hystersisters. I have found all informations needed there after the surgery when I didn’t know what was happening to me. Basic things like cramps after surgery, gas problems, incision problems, intimacy after surgery etc… I could go on and on. Even now every time I log in I find something useful for me. Really big thanks to this web site and the people behind it; things which no doctor, and I spoke to a few, told me that I could experience after surgery. All discussions with other women, their stories and advice, helped me enormously
My advice to other women is if you have serious problems like bleeding etc. do not hesitate to have a hysterectomy, but do research as there are different ways it can be done. Get a second or a third opinion.

At the end please allow me again to say a big thank you to Hystersisters website. To all women after or before surgery I wish you all the best and sending lots of love.

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