Marion’s Laparascopic Hysterectomy

Type of Hysterectomy:TLH BSO

Age at surgery: 71

Location: Richmond, Virginia USA

Hysterectomy was recommended by the gynecologic oncologist I had been seeing for about four years. I was referred to him by my local GYN after having several abnormal Pap tests. The results of my Pap tests, up until July 2015, had been ASCUS and low-grade cervical dysplasia. In July 2015, two things changed: the cervical dysplasia was now high grade (CIN 2-3) and, to my absolute shock, I was HPV positive. My surgeon had recommended hysterectomy a few times, but this time things were getting serious. I had no pain, no discharge, no symptoms whatsoever. My surgery was done as a preventive measure.

I did not seek a second or third opinion as this surgeon’s practice had been highly recommended by my Primary Care Physician and I saw no reason to look further.

I had general anesthesia. My surgery was performed about 11 AM on Monday October 15, 2015. I stayed in the hospital overnight and was released after lunch the next day. The nurses were very helpful. My surgeon and his assistant visited twice and gave me information about pathology (all clear, thank God) and answered questions.

The most difficult issues were bowel movements (I tend towards constipation anyway) and a sometimes queasy tummy. I had almost no bleeding and very little pain.

I was surprised, though, about how easily I tired! Ten days after surgery I went to a dinner theatre matinee with a friend. All I had to do was eat a meal and enjoy the show – and I was wiped out the next day!

My checkup, one month after surgery, went well. All healed and cleared for normal activities. My husband was nervous about resuming intimacy. We went slow and easy and it was fine.

Six weeks after surgery I was able to go on a long planned trip with my daughter, and a few weeks later, on another with my husband.

My physical health has been good, though I must say that I have had a struggle with winter cold and dark this year. I have also had some bouts with generalized anxiety. I’ve been in menopause for over 20 years; could I be feeling the effects of even less estrogen in my system than before? My surgeon prescribed an estrogen cream, which I use a few nights a week to relieve vaginal dryness.

Get all the information you can about the surgery. Write down your questions and ask your doctor. Arrange for help at home for a few days after surgery.

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