Sherry’s Hysterectomy Story

Type of Hysterectomy: Total Hysterectomy – DaVinci

Age at surgery: 53

Location: Rochester, New York

I had post-menopausal bleeding and an ultrasound showed my uterine wall was 7 mm thick. I then had a biopsy which showed – Complex Endometrial Hyperplasia with Atipa – suspected pre-cancer. My gynecologist sent me to an oncologist/gynecologist. I did not seek any other opinions as I liked the oncologist/gynecologist.

I went to Highland Hospital in Rochester, NY. Everyone was amazing – they provided exceptional service. Honestly, I think they all had special training as everyone that I encountered there was kind. I was put completely under with general anesthesia. I had the DaVinchi procedure. I went home the next day.

My main concern was my final diagnosis, as I knew I had cancer. My recovery went pretty well, I rested the first week and started taking walks the second week. I saw the Oncologist/Gynocologist two weeks after my surgery, I went back to work at 4 weeks. She told me to take it easy and no vacuuming, lifting etc for about 8 weeks.

My final diagnosis was FIGO I, G 1; pT1a N0; depth of myometrial invasion 1 mm, thickness of area with deepest invasion was 31 mm, so less than 50%.

I started being very careful with my eating the day after my surgery, I knew my tumor was due to estrogen dominance and I weighed 276 pounds. The doctor told me to get 30 minutes of walking in daily. I cut out a lot of sugar, all soy, and red meat. I try to only eat organic. I try to eat fruits and vegetables. I have lost 54 pounds so far – and feel amazing. I actually eat more now than I did before.

I feel amazing – I didn’t realize how bad I felt. I went to my general practitioner last week and he was amazed – my blood pressure, my blood work – all great. I should mention, I did not have hot flashes the first time I went through menopause nor did I have them after my total hysterectomy.

I think all cases are different and every person is different. I was 53 and they suspected cancer, which I did have. I guess I would say, if you need a hysterectomy, don’t fear it. I had bleeding after menopause.

I always had horribly painful periods and excessive bleeding – it was awful. I wish I had a hysterectomy after I gave birth when I was 33.

The best thing I did was finding Hystersisters, the support and education I received from experienced women was invaluable. Thank you.

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