Dee Christine’s Hysterectomy Story

I had my hysterectomy due to 3 fibroids on uterus and heavy bleeding as well as pelvic and rectal discomfort. I did not explore any other options other than the wait-and-see approach which never came to be. I was diagnosed with fibroids (internally and externally) at a routine annual gyn pap exam that went undiagnosed previously with my regular GYN. It suffered with heavy periods from my fibroids for at least 6 years. I decided to go to a specialist after my gyn diagnosis and ultrasound confirmation upon my first visit to a new GYN visit.

It was scheduled for an outpatient surgery. I had general anesthesia and the hospital staff was amazing and comforting. I went home almost an hour to two hours after my scheduled surgery and my husband did a drive through at the local Pollo Tropical for us! Although I was not feeling the usual “whats for lunch” mood! I did order chi chicken tropical soup that I ate for dinner later.

My recovery was hard in the way that I could not walk quickly as usual and had to be in bed most of the day. The heating pad the doctors assistant told me to buy was a COMPLETE lifesaver! I used it all day for the entire first week! It was extremely comforting! I tried getting off all pain meds after the first week or two so I can drive if needed, but was glad I didn’t have to! The biggest thing was getting back to myself in doing simple housework and chores and of course work. Standing for longer than an hour or two was very challenging., but gradually, everyday that passed I was able to stand longer and longer. My doctor gave me the ok for normal resume of activities about 4 weeks after as again, I was on absolutely no pain medications.

I have never felt better in my life! It is really hard to believe that it’s been only 2 1/2 months because it seems like a year ago! I have healed really well and with no after surgery issues to speak of! My stomach is flatter and I can eat almost anything without feeling that horrible fullness like I did before. As far as not having those heavy periods that kept me grounded the full 2nd and sometimes 3rd day, well that in itself is truly an amazing experience. I can work and make appointments on ANY day I choose instead of altering my quality of life by canceling and rescheduling appointments that fell on period days! For anyone out there not sure about having a hysterectomy (mine was with both ovaries kept and partial cervical stump left in also) you will not be disappointed. Living with the pain from my fibroids resting on my bladder and rectum is now just a memory. Now my life is really beginning!!!

Clearly I would recommend this procedure for anyone suffering the same things as I did with fibroids and heavy periods and to remember that when it is time to decide, stick to it, and make your scheduled surgery date happen because when it comes to the quality of your life changing for the better, you have nothing to be worried about!

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