Endometriosis Can Influence a Women’s Fertility

Around 50 percent of women suffering from endometriosis experience infertility.  The disease can influence fertility in many ways, including distorted anatomy of pelvis — scarred fallopian tubes and altered egg quality,’ said the study conducted by Kshitiz Murdia, fertility and IVF expert. Murdia is currently associated with Indira Infertility Clinic and Test Tube Baby Centre at south Patel Nagar, in central Delhi.

The study states that endometriosis leads to formation of cysts known as endometriomas or ‘chocolate cysts’ in the ovaries. In extreme cases, there are possibilities of the growth of endometriosis on the peritoneum, the lining of the abdomen and pelvis. ‘In some cases, endometriosis grows deep beneath the peritoneal lining, in the area between the vagina and the rectum. In such circumstances there is often more severe pain,’ Murdia added.

Murdia said endometriosis is a fast increasing disease. Its symptoms are painful periods, deep pain during penetrative sex, chronic pelvic pain and painful bowel motions or urination during menstruation. ‘There also could be no symptoms at all other than having difficulty getting pregnant. There are also cases where a woman suffering from endometriosis have absolutely no symptoms,’ he said.

This study later stated that due to the complications caused by the disease, many women have to undergo advanced fertility treatment like In vitro fertilisation (IVF). The stage-4-endometriosis, which is known as severe endometriosis, results in extensive scarring and damaged ovaries.

Murdia said women wanting to get pregnant in such situations can go for medical therapy in which the doctor surgically removes the scarred tissue or destroys it. ‘This can help increase chances of pregnancy in women. The treatment also helps restore the normal anatomy,’ Murdia said adding that while the effectiveness of such treatment is highly individualized, IVF work wonders for most women.


Article originally appeared on TheHealthSite.com:  Endometriosis Makes Women Infertile

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