Choosing the Right Hysterectomy for You

The many choices for a hysterectomy can be overwhelming. Determining which option is right for you will depend on a number of factors.

First of all, your diagnosis may dictate which options are available for you. Those with a cancer concern will need a hysterectomy type that will minimize the spread of cancer cells. This may mean the uterus needs to be delivered whole, either vaginally or through a larger abdominal incision. A condition like endometriosis on the other hand, will dictate a choice that will allow for superior vision and space so the surgeon can address all of the implants.

Aside from your diagnosis, your body type and physical condition may also limit your options. A narrow vagina could prevent a surgeon from doing the surgery vaginally. An obese patient may require special considerations. Those with co-existing health conditions may have limited options due to anesthesia or positioning concerns. Diabetes patients may need a surgery with smaller and fewer incisions that would need to heal.

Whether or not you will keep your cervix also plays a role in the type of surgery. Women and physicians can have strong opinions regarding a supracervical vs. complete hysterectomy, so at times the decision is just as personal as it is medical.

When choosing a hysterectomy type, you must also consider some external factors like the skill of your surgeon. Don’t assume that all surgeons know how to perform all types of surgeries well. The surgeon’s skill with the procedure-specific tools will play a part in your surgery’s success. The latest technological gadget or most minimally invasive surgery type may not offer superior results if the surgeon is not familiar enough with them.

Also, be aware that some surgeons only offer one choice based on the specific situation, but this one choice may or may not be the best one for you. This is one of many reasons you should seek a second opinion before scheduling a hysterectomy. You want a surgery type with which your surgeon is comfortable, but, first and foremost, you want the hysterectomy that is best for you.


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