Deb’s Hysterectomy Story

Hysterectomy Date: December 14, 2009
Hysterectomy Type: Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy (LSH)
Kept Ovaries
Age at Surgery: 48
Location: Northeast USA

It took me over 5 years and 6 obgyn opinions before I decided on the LSH. They call it an elective surgery but I don’t understand why. Every month I thought surely I would die from the blood loss. How can that be elective …? I had submucousal fibroids (the hardest to remove) so that is why I elected to have the LSH. I was beginning to have panic attacks every month just before my period. I would “flood” all the time and ended up wearing a depends on most days. I couldn’t leave the house and pain was horrible.

After alot of research on different types of hysterectomies, I decided on the LSH. I wanted desperately to keep my ovaries and cervix. Also after extensive research, I found an obgyn who had done over 500 LSH’s. He could perform an uncomplicated LSH in less than 20 minutes. He told me if I had my surgery the second week in December, I could be riding my horse in January. He said most women get along very well. I was determined to be one of them.

My surgery was at 8:30 a.m. and I was walking around and urinated (which is a big thing) around 1:00 p.m. I went home at 2:00 p.m. After 4 days I drove myself to the grocery store, post office, and pumped gas. I was in fairly good shape before surgery (except for being anemic) and listened to the advice of my doctor and many people that offered it at hystersisters. I recovered quickly. I was back at work in 3 wks. I have an office job and found sitting harder than standing some days. I had some bladder irritation that lasted a few months but a script for Toviaz helped immensely.

I can’t say everything down there felt normal for at least a year but it hadn’t felt normal for many more years before the surgery. My lower abdomen ached and felt bloated for many months but nothing that required even an ibuprofen.

I wore white pants and capris the next summer something I hadn’t done in years. I go places and still, 2 yrs. later think, I could not have done this 2 yrs. ago if I had my period (which I had 2 wks. out of every month). I can go anywhere and do anything now.

My uterus is not in control anymore. It served its purpose in my life. I have two beautiful children (both college age now) because of it. I am ever grateful for it but it was holding me back. It was causing me pain and suffering and it had to go. I am thankful this happened to me when medical science has progressed enough so that this procedure is available for women. It has provided me with a great sense of freedom and I hope all women who experience the same problems can enjoy the same freedom.

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