Heather’s Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 43
Location: Massachusetts

Since 2009 I have been having problems with my period. I was bleeding in between periods and experiencing really bad cramps. I found out I had fibroids,so I had a D&C. That helped for a while but last year I started bleeding in between my periods again and all of a sudden I experienced a rush of blood and huge blood clots that would come and go. I had a ultrasound done and found out I had fibroids again. My gynecologist tried to do another D&C but had to stop the surgery when the camera bounced off the fibroid and nicked my uterus. Decided to opt for a hysterectomy instead of trying to do another D&C but a different way When I went to my first post op appt, my doctor told me I had andometriosis.
( Not sure how to spell the correct term)

I had my surgery May2,2018 under general anesthesia. I only had to stay in the hospital overnight and went home the next day with a prescription for 800 mg and a low dose of oxy.

The important issues we’re trying to take it easy and not do to much. I had some spotting around week 3 and was nervous so I called the nurse. She told me that I was probably doing to much. I didn’t have much pain in the beginning but once I got off the oxy I had some pain I was out of work for about4 months because my job can be quite strenuous.

I am glad I had a hysterectomy because now I don’t have to worry about when my period will come,how bad it will be, and having multiple D&C’s I still experience mild abdominal pain on the days I have to bend down a lot of if I strain to have a bowel movement.

My advice is that you need to be patient and take it easy. Don’t rush your recovery and listen to your doctor. Also drink lots and lots of water and take multiple short walk daily.

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