Lynn’s Abdominal Hysterectomy

Abdominal Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 38
Location: Roanoke Virginia USA

I had a huge fibriod tumor that was almost 24 inches long and 14 wide. it wrapped around one of my ovaries. Surgery seemd to go ok although it took me several hours afterward to get out of recovery. I am now 7 months out and miserable. Not like fresh surgery miserable. But if you life my shirt one side of my stomach swells out a good inch or two. What is that? And iwas walking 5 miles a day before surgery. Now, i can barely walk around walmart with my grandma. With out stopping and dropping due to pain on the swelling side of my stomach. It has got better by wearing girtles but i mean really! this was suppose to make me better. I have to push on my stomach to help have bowel movements. And if i walk to fast it feels like i am being pulled open across my belly button but my surgery was binkni cut. I am gaining weight. I am always in tears. My husband lost his job we lost insurance so i have not went back to the doctor. and my legs are retaining water. i am just never going to be ok again. no matter what. and yes my emotions get the best of me some days. Still suffering i should have gotten second opinions.

I dont know what type. I was intiabated i guess. I stayed three nights.

The hardest things about my begning recovery was trying to do to much and popping a stitch. It got infected i was on bed rest for one month. I am also obese so it was hard to keep it dry due to having surgery in august. I finally figured out to keep gause in the fold of my skin and it stopped the moisture finally allowing me heal. it took 8 weeks before he released me but 7 months later i still can not do what i did going into surgery.

Since surgery i do not leak when i cough or sneeze. i do not have horrific back pain. I swear it felt like back labor. But I also have complications like not being able to take a normal bowel movement. Not being able to walk even a mile now without having to stop and squat down out of pain. I Feel like i had to have the tumor removed but I had no idea my stomach would be crooked for life and i would never be the same.

Most important if you are plus size buy gauze pads, to help keep incision area clean and dry at all times. Also do not stop smoking the week before surgery because it makes you couch and that is horrible on an abdominal incision. Always get a second opinion. One day at a time.


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