Ann’s Robotic Hysterectomy

daVinci Robotic Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 64
Location: Winston-Salem, NC, USA

My gynecologist had been after me to have a hysterectomy for 2 years because she didn’t like that hrt (estradiol & progesterone) had started my periods again. She was consulting with an oncologist gynecologist about my case from the start as I have a history of fibroids and polyps. I had regular periods for 2 years and then started bleeding every other week. I had a transvaginal ultrasound done which caused her to transfer my case to the consultant. He wasn’t happy that I wasn’t biopsied and did one in that first meeting. It was more painful than ones I’d had in the past. I was given 3 choices for treatment. An IUD with ultrasound and biopsy every 6 months, Ablation with ultrasound and biopsy every 6 months, or a complete hysterectomy with Cervix, ovaries and Fallopian tubes being removed. I talked with my husband about the choices and decided upon the hysterectomy and just be done with all the issues of bleeding, pain and mood swings.

My surgery took a few hours and the entire staff were wonderful. I left the same day. I don’t recall the type of anesthesia that was used and it did take a bit of prodding to wake me up. I did need a wheel chair as I didn’t feel real steady on my feet.

My only issue with recovery was the very hard, swollen, and extremely sore abdomen – not at the surgery sites. I was ok’d for normal activity at 8 weeks and was told I healed beautifully. I did let him know my abdomen was still painful at both the 6 week and 8 week check ups. He thought it was caused by my peritonium (sp?) needing longer to heal.

Vaginally, I healed beautifully and have no issues with dryness are lack of sex drive. I do, however, still have the abdominal pain and swelling. I went back to my surgeon in July to talk about the issue and he didn’t think the surgery caused the issue but wanted a ct scan of my abdomen and pelvis which the insurance denied. He needed to call for a peer review of my case but never did, so after hounding the nurse/office for 3 weeks, decided to speak with my primary (who was also involved with my decision – he’s awesome). He believes I have probably developed IBS-D and the movement of the intestines into the new “free” space may have triggered it. Unfortunately, I have several autoimmune diseases as well as high eye pressure and drug allergies so we are taking a slow approach to therapy.

Looking back, I regret jumping into the hysterectomy and believe it would have been wiser to try ablation first. But that is hindsight. Given the same circumstances, I would do the hysterectomy again as it was going to be in my future at some point. My advice would be to take your time and learn as much about your choices as you can before making a decision – as long as that is possible.



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