Debra’s Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

I was miserable. Periods that were so horrific I had black circles under my eyes and severe anemia. My cycle would start with the week before having the most sore breast anyone could imagine and moods that would make the devil run scared. Then always in the morning at first pee would be the start. By the second morning I was on super plus tampons and overnight pads that together would not last an hour. This heavy flow and clots and clumps would sometimes not even let me leave the bathroom, having to turn around and start over. After a full 5 days of that I would be exhausted. Then a light ever lingering flow for the next 4 days. I would be so raw from changing that just thinking of my husband would make me cry.
So after 7 days of moods and boobs, 9 days of bleeding it left me about 15 days to live and recoup some blood. Tired and a fibroid the size of a football on my little 120 lb frame, you can imagine how well I felt for those days. I tried to be a good wife and do my part. I always wished I could do more. I decided that for my 40th birthday I would get a hysterectomy. Sexy right? I needed to stop this sycle of misery. I talked to my gyno who I love and she said “finally”.
So I then met with the surgeon who I was impressed by. Had to do the bowel prep….worst part ever! Went in at 5:00am on the first day of my period of course. He said no problem, it will be the shortest one I will ever have. I started my period in the summer when I was 9. I was the one who bled through her pants at school. Started at swim lessons was embarrassing. I had my period for 30 YEARS! That’s 9days x 12months = 108 days of bleeding a year FOR 30YEARS! I’m not even sure that makes sense but I am so over it! Back to my story.
I did the bowel prep and checked in at 5. I was a nervous wreck. Thank you pre op nurse for that happy little bit of fun you put in my Iv! I needed that. I remember going down the hall on gurney with my head up and the wind in my face saying “weeee” as we were cruising down the hall. Next thing I remember is my family. I got to my room and had to pee something awful. As I sat on that big ol potty I remembered reading here of all the trouble going that folks had. So I took a deep breath and relaxed. Pee came out with a quick sting and then normal. Glad that was over. I started taking gas x and stool softner as soon as I got to my room. Never a problem. Pooped that afternoon. No pain. I stayed overnight due to my bp being a bit low and my vision blurry( reaction to anti nausea ).
When I checked out the next day I looked back on my life and realized that was the best vacation I’d had in a long time. I’m almost 12 weeks out. Kept my ovaries and nothing else. Went back to work at 4 weeks. I’m tired. I think one ovary may be flopping around like a fish sometimes. But I feel amazing! I’m proud of my pitch fork wounds! They are healing nicely. I have gone down a size in jeans, bye bye fibroid. I am no longer blue around my eyes and best of all… NO BLOOD! Sorry this was long. And maybe to much on the details. But if just one gal can read my story and feel brave, then it’s all worth it. I love 40, and I’m ready to start living. Power to the HysterSisters! Hugs and God bless!
Roman Samborskyi/


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