Becca’s Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 31
Location: West Tennessee

I began having trouble with heavy bleeding after having my last csection (third child.) I couldn’t leave home during my period it was so heavy. I did have pain, but it wasn’t as intense as most people describe. My OBGYN kept prescribing birth control pills and provera and they never worked. I actually went to him begging to do something and he wouldn’t. I suffered for 4 years. I went to get a second opinion. After talking to me and doing some tests, the new doc said he believed I had adenomyosis and recommended a TLH.

My TLH was performed as an outpatient procedure. I went in and the nurse started my paperwork and IV. She was wonderful. She asked me lots of questions and told me every medicine she was giving me. My surgery was supposed to be at 10:30 but it was around 12:00 before I went back. I was given my loopy medicine and taken to the OR. I don’t remember waking up in the recovery area at all. I remember being in the room and the nurse bringing me crackers and water. I was in and out of it. I don’t remember any pain at all. She told me I had to pee before I could leave. It took me a couple tries and all I really got was a few dribbles. I was home before dark. The hospital was an hour drive from my home so it all went pretty fast, especially for a late start.

My recovery was easy. I was shocked by the fact that I had no pain at all. The first couple days, I had some blurry vision front the anesthesia and some irritation from the catheter. The no pain thing was good and bad at the same time because I tried to go back to doing things too soon and I would spot if I overdid it. But still, no pain. I felt like my normal self within a week. At around four weeks, I had some light bleeding that I was told was the internal stitches deteriorating. I had to take plenty of stool softener because constipation was my biggest issue. It was mostly my fault because I was afraid to push. I had a two week appointment where I was told to listen to my body, don’t over do it, and no sex until six weeks. I was released then. I didn’t have to get anything checked internally. The pathology report confirmed adenomyosis.

I have no regrets about my surgery. My quality of life has improved greatly. I was so scared of complications but I was blessed to not have any. I’m so glad I did it.

The best advice I can give is to not listen to everyone telling you all the horror stories. I know that sounds harsh, but most of the time, those things don’t happen. You know when you’re body has had enough and you’ll know when you’re ready. Listen to your doctor instead of all the other women around you. It’s ok to be nervous. Do everything your doctor tells you and you will be fine.


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