Audrey’s Robotic Hysterectomy

daVinci Robotic Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 37
Location: Denver, Colorado, USA

My pain had been going on for 14 years. My problem was I would vomit ALL day if I didn’t take enough ibuprofen. When I was younger, the cramps were significantly worse. I saw someone who did network chiropractic (that helped with pain), energy work, and acupuncture. Nothing I did, not food or exercise, or meditation helped with the nausea and vomiting.

I had to schedule my entire life with it, and even gave up on following my dream of being an opera singer, because I would miss too many rehearsals and could potentially be incapacitated during a performance (It happened in college–somehow I sung anyways!)

I had everything removed except my ovaries (uterus, tubes, and cervix)

I took anesthesia. I also got a patch to help with nausea. I stayed in the hospital one night. Most of the pain was from my shoulder (air bubble I think?) and throat (from the tube). Ate lots of Jello :/ –that was a big surprise–I’m a vegetarian, so it was my first time having Jello.

My nurses were super awesome, my surgeon was the best–answered all my questions before and after.

I even got a gross pic of my uterus with fibroids and endometriosis (which were never diagnosed, even though several years ago I actually saw the top OBGYN at <>…)

It was most important to me to NOT feel pain, and NOT have to return to the surgeon. Recovery was pretty easy– I sat around and watched movies for a couple weeks. My family flew in to take care of me since I live alone. It was just LONG. It hurt to walk for awhile, even though I forced myself to walk around a little every time I went to the bathroom the first week after my surgery.

One thing that helped was staying in a friend’s place who had a comfy bed…and separate space for my mom to do her own thing (my tiny place doesn’t have that). I almost booked an AirBNB to do this until my friend’s place opened up. GOD SEND!

Greatest challenge? No hot tub! Honestly, I was in a SUPER lucky position! I was working for myself as a novelist and only doing temp work, so I didn’t have to take time off work, My mom and sister came to take care of me on alternating weeks, the ferret rescue took back my foster ferrets for a week, and I had a comfortable safe place to stay. Really quite lucky!
–The hardest part was that state right after complete laying around (1-2 weeks) to having to DO things. Such as NO lifting a gallon of water and the water in my house is gross. Driving? Must have a pillow!
–It was really painful having to go do a temp job and sit in a chair all day — 3 weeks post surgery. But I needed the money…


Honestly, wish I’d had the courage to do it like ten years ago.

My health has improved. No periods. Still have hormonal cycles from my ovaries, which is good. I can tell they’re working with that day of the month I’m super hungry, and that one day I’m Depressed for no reason at all, etc. YOU KNOW…

Surprisingly, my digestion has improved! (I’ve struggled with digestion issues for years)

I’d say do your research. Make sure you have a really good surgeon.

Really make sure you understand the implications of what parts are being taken away. Everyone knows you can’t have kids–fine–there are other options. But from what I’ve read, there’s a lot more risk on your health if you remove your ovaries.

#1: Be kind to yourself post-surgery. This is not the movies!


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