Alicia’s Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 46
Location: Stony Brook, NY

I was 46 when I had a supracervical hysterectomy. It was one year ago yesterday.
I can tell you that it has improved the quality of my life immensely and was the single best decision I made last year.
I always had heavy periods with a couple of very heavy days and sometimes up to a few hours of flooding.
That all changed in the last two years and I went Gyno who tried every birth control, from the pill to the patch to the Mirena IUD which just flew out of me.
My Gyno (mind you- I only saw her once a year because my periods, though heavy, were not typically painful and were like clockwork). My Gyno put me through so many tests – 3 endometrial biopsies in her office, one was like having a D & C awake, as she was just trying to clean me out as I went there with horrific flooding one day. I was truly getting terrified of it coming.

Finally, she asked if I wanted. a hysterectomy and of course, by then, she knew I was done and it was time.
I saw two surgeons and though I liked the first one very much, she was more conservative. The second was very sure of himself and does them routinely. (unbeknownst to me, I had a hernia which he also fixed at the same time of my hysterectomy).
I went into the ambulatory surgery center at 7am and came home at 330 pm.I was very groggy from the anesthesia but that is typical for me. It just take me a while to wake up from it.I took a 1/2 pain pill and the rest of the time I took Motrin. I kept my cervix and ovaries.

I followed the rules and did not strain myself at all. I slept in my own bed that first night. During the day, I would go in the recliner but because it isn’t automatic, my husband would adjust it up and down for me otherwise you would need to use your stomach muscles and obviously that is not a good idea. I had purchased a raised toilet seat so it would be easier for me to get up and down and that truly helped me a lot, especially since I also have some lower herniated discs.
I stayed home from work for about 5 weeks and probably could have used another week or so but I have a desk job and it wasn’t too bad.
It has been great not worrying about bleeding all over, wearing white pants, going to the beach, not ruining anymore sheets, making it to work in time, saving on tampons and pads, lol, but truly not being all consumed with how my period will be and actually dreading and fearing it. h

I am so very happy I had the hysterectomy. I no longer take iron supplements and generally feel better. Even my back pain has lessened somewhat.

I think you know your limit. You need to SPEAK up to your doctor when you have had enough and maybe even before that. It ruined 2 years of my life. Go to a different doctor.
My surgeon was amazing. Do your research and get the best for you!!! Zaskochenko
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