Nikki’s Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 40
Location: Fort Bragg, NC

Back in 2008 I got the Essure implants. After getting essure I start getting cramping during my cycle which I never had before. My cycle used to be light and pain free. As time went on the pain was more intense and cycles was getting heavier and longer. I was on depo shots for 3 years and that didn’t help so I stopped getting them.

Fast forward to 2017 I’m complaining to my PCM about how heavy my cycle is (I really hadn’t seen heavy yet!) and asking her for a GYN referral so I could possibly get an ablation. I get the referral and the doctor I was assigned to schedule all of these appointments for ultrasounds, CT scans & lab work. Ok I find out I’m severely anemic and I have 2 small fibroids so he suggests doing a D&C. We had the worst communication so I complained because I couldn’t get a hold of him and they gave me another doctor.

It took almost a month or 2 to see him. He walked in telling me I had a huge fibroid almost 10cm and another one 8 and said I want to do a total abdominal hysterectomy. Then he left the room and came back and said oh wrong patient your fibroids isn’t that big but I still suggest you get a hysterectomy because you’re at that age where you’re not going to want anymore children so just get rid of it. And you have essure so you may have complications if you get an ablation. So, I told him I wasn’t ready for that and he told me… well I can’t help you unless you have a hysterectomy!! I’m not going to waste my time doing something I don’t think will work. Needless to say I reported him and got a new doctor!!

Since having problems with the other doctors I was assigned to the Chief of the OB/GYN clinic. My 1st appointment with him we talked and he explained all of my test results. He gave me several options. He told me to do my research and to think about everything because this would be permanent of course. He gave me his cell number and told me to call if I had any questions whatsoever. After deciding I called him and he told me he couldn’t get me into the OR until February because his OR schedule was full. I told him I’ll wait till February and I didn’t want another doctor looking into my vagina.

So in between the time I took all of those test and decided on surgery my uterus turned into an angry monster… one month I bled for 25 days straight super heavy for 10 of those days. My PCM put me on birth control pills to try and help with the bleeding!! It didn’t help so I was pretty much switch pills for months trying to find a dosage that would work for me.

On afternoon I was dizzy with a crazy headache so I went to the ER. Found out I was severely anemic and was advised that I really needed a blood transfusion. I refused and I started taking iron pills and started eating more foods high in iron so my PCM tried to keep an eye on this. On the day before leaving for my 40th birthday cruise while I was packing I felt like I started my period so I went to the bathroom and yes there was blood. Threw a tampon in and tried to finish packing. I was confused because I already had my period and it was like 10 days long and I had only been off for like 5 days. While I’m packing I start to feel wet. I soaked through a super tampon in 20 minutes. I sat on the toilet and the tampon shot out of me like a river gushing and these huge blood clots was just coming out. I sat on the toilet for an hour with blood just flowing out of me. Every time I would put a tampon in it would only last for 20 minutes. By the time I got done packing I felt dizzy I went to the ER. So, I was so lucky to have a 2nd period during my 40th birthday cruise. The bleeding stopped when I returned home of course. And I was blood free for like 20 days. In October I started my period and it never stopped it would just get lighter so for over 3 months I bled nonstop. The more active I would be the heavier I would bleed. I woke up some days looking like I was in a crime scene covered in blood. I would go to bed using a tampon and overnight super pads. Had extra blankets & towels down and still managed to mess up my new mattress. I could easily go through one box of tampons a day and the Sam’s club size in 2 weeks.

This ruined and controlled my life!! I didn’t want to go anywhere because I would bleed through my clothes. One Sunday I was taking my daughter to cheer practice and I put a new tampon and pad on before leaving the house by the time we got to her practice I had soaked through my clothes. (1:15 min drive) I had to go to Walmart and get some undies and sweatpants. So freaking depressing. Between the constant bleeding and trying to keep my iron up so I can get my surgery I started having anxiety attacks. I was so stressed and worried about everything!! The month prior to my surgery my PCM had to put me on anti anxiety medicine because I was a mess!!! The bleeding finally stopped 10 days before my surgery!!

I had my surgery on 2/20/2018 and yes I was nervous and excited at the same time… They took everything except my ovaries and cervix… I remember the anesthesiologist saying I have your margarita & I told him to bring it on!! We got into the OR and I was told to scoot over to the skinny bed and then I woke up and my son was standing over me. He said I wouldn’t shut up about being hungry and wanting food. I only had to stay one night in the hospital. They had me walking that evening and pulled my catheter early the next morning and I was discharged that evening. I had to pee twice before I could leave.

I was given general anesthesia for my surgery. After my surgery I was given Percocet and 800 mg Motrin for pain. Because of previous issues with post op nausea I was given the patch the morning of my surgery to help with nausea.

My recovery was a breeze… No major complications. Yes, I had discomfort and gas pains. Yes, having those first bowel movements felt like giving birth. Yes, the worst part is not being able to do anything even though you feel like you can. My kids were the best caregivers ever!! They wouldn’t let me pick up anything or do anything I was told not to do. The worse part would be having to sleep on my back because I’m a stomach sleeper. The recliner was my friend the 1st few days home.

I work from home so I did go back to work 8 days later part time. I would only work a few hours a day. I bought a lap desk and some items so I could work from my bed or the recliner. I was super prepared I turned my room into a recovery suite. I had everything I thought I would need. Mini fridge in my closet filled with water bottles, cranberry juice, apple juice, applesauce cups, fruit cups, Powerade, nuts, yogurt and healthy snacks. My kids had everything they needed right there for me. I bought extra pillows, heating pad & ice pack (frozen water bottle in a sock works best). They even gave me a bell to ring!! The worst part of my recovery was having the urge to have sex. I know for sure my ovaries are working!!

I was released for activities at my 4 week appointment.. My surgeon said listen to your body!!

I am 100% happy with my decision to have the surgery. I wish I would have done it a lot sooner. I feel like I’ve gotten my life back. I stopped bleeding 10 days prior to this surgery and I haven’t seen any blood since. Hopefully, I’ll start getting my energy back from the years of blood loss. I was just so tired of being tired!! I just saw my doctor and she said since I was anemic for so long it will take some time for my energy to come back!!! I’m totally okay with continuing taking my iron pills!

Waiting is the absolute worst part of the surgery!! I was just so happy to finally be able to check in the morning of my surgery!! I honestly was afraid to have the surgery when it was presented to me… I felt old and like I was going to be less than a woman. I started talking to people and learned quite a few of my friends had already had hysterectomies! This site helped me a lot.

I smile everyday when I see my incision scars because I know I can leave the house without being paranoid about bleeding through my clothes! Paul-Catalin
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