Will I Grow a Beard after My Hysterectomy?

A hysterectomy is the removal of your uterus, and not having a uterus will not cause you to grow a beard. Facial hair in women is the result of conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), Cushing syndrome, congenital adrenal hyperplasia, cancer of the adrenal gland or ovary, certain medications, hyperthecosis, or hormonal imbalance involving androgens.

If you experience natural or surgical menopause, regardless of a hysterectomy, your hormonal balance will change. If the ratio of androgens to estrogen is incorrect, you could find you experience issues with facial hair. If you choose to use hormone replacement therapy (HRT) that includes testosterone and your testosterone level gets too high, you could experience issues with facial hair.

If other women in your family have issues with facial hair, you could as well; however, your hysterectomy will not be the direct cause of facial hair. If you have concerns about facial hair, talk to your doctor and discuss any diagnoses and family history which could play a role for you.

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Will I Grow a Beard after My Hysterectomy?

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