Trisha’s Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 42
Location: New Zealand

I suffered with Endomentrosis for 26 years, and Sean’s my first gynecologist aged 15. My periods were heavy, pain was really bad and I used to vomit for the first 3 days. This meant I often had to miss school. The first gyane that I seen told me I was neurotic and wouldn’t do anything. After 10 years of not being listened to I got a second opinion, he wouldn’t do anything either. So on the 3rd opionon he did a laproscopy. Found endo and removed it. Yay.

Fast forward a few years, and ANOTHER OPINION, we tried a Mirena, which was good for 2 years plus zoledex injections, but no. Dr told me I have to live with it. On my 5th Dr, he was fantastic and he did it.

I was admitted through the day ward. I seen the Dr to sign the consent form. I had signed for him to take what he needed to, and also for an abdominal one if necessary. I was freaked out when I got into theatre, it was cold and I was crying. They gave a nice warm blanket and gave me something to calm me down. I laid relaxed and laughing with the nurses, next minute I woke up in recovery. I was very sore and upset. They gave me a PCA so I could just push the button to get relief. I had a catheter in, which freaked me out a bit. Dr took photos and showed them to me, so I understood why I was sore. He took before and after ones. I was in hospital for 3 days as we couldn’t stop the bleeding.

The main issue I had with recovery were the symptoms of surgical menopause. I was having hot flashes all the time, I was grumpy, not sleeping and crying lots. My recovery was slow but steady, although I did end up in hospital a week later with a urine infection. They say that sometimes it happens after surgery. After I had recovered from that my recovery was great. By week 3 I was walking 10minutes a day, believe me it was a challenge.

I was worried that I wouldn’t feel like a woman anymore, strange but true. I battled it for ages, even now I sometimes I think that. I was also worried about what other people thought. My greatest challenge was learning to accept the surgery. I wasn’t sure if I had done the right thing as I hadn’t had children. I seen the surgeon at 4 weeks, then 6 weeks and got discharged from him 4 months after surgery. I was able to go back to driving, and all normal activities after 8 weeks.

My health has been fantastic. I’ve lost nearly 8kgs since surgery as I can now walk and exercise without being in pain like before I had it. Not having a period has made a huge difference. I’m not scared to go out anymore and not as anxious when I do. I was always embarrised before as I would always bleed through my clothes. I’m glad I had the hysterectomy and wish it had been done earlier.

Don’t let other people tell you are doing the wrong thing. It’s an individual thing. No one knows or walks in your shoes. Be honest with your Dr about how you are feeling, they can explain things again and again if they have too. When faced with a hysterectomy, write a list of pros and cons and questions to ask the specalist. The most important thing is YOU. And getting support from this page has been fantastic for me.
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