Debbie’s Abdominal Hysterectomy

Abdominal Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 52
Location: Kansas City MO

Heavy bleeding, fibroids, pre-cancer cells on my cervix. I tried birth control pills which made the heavy bleeding worse. My doctor referred me to a cancer gynecologist to do my surgery. The cancer gynecologist did a new ultrasound and said my uterus was double the size it should be and recommended the TAH – which included the removal of my cervix and ovaries. I waited 6 months are more before I made the decision to go through with the surgery. The pre cancer cells bothered me because my doctor said they could go away or turn into cancer. The cancer gyno said that pre cancer cells does not always mean cancer. But after the 2nd ultrasound the size of my uterus was cause for concern that is why I went ahead with the surgery.

I had general anesthesia by epidural (I never had an epidural I had both of my children naturally in my 20s).

Because I had abdominal surgery I stayed in the hospital 3 days – Wednesday to Friday.

Everything was fine until they removed the epidural. I was in so much pain and sick to my stomach I threw up the oral medicines and they had to give me nausea medicine through my IV that burned!!

However, I was able to walk around the hospital ward several time and go to the bathroom by myself day 2. Even though I had pain it was not unbearable. On the 3 day I was able to take a shower and put on my clothes to go home.

My recovery was much easier than I thought it would be I stopped taking the oxicodone about 2 days after I got home. I only took the ibuprofen and stool softener for the rest of the recovery time.

I was off of work for 8 weeks and I spent the majority of my time resting in bed. Although I went out to a play, a performance and concert during that time. I really only sat down during those events – the most walking was the day of the concert. I really did not have a lot of motivation and felt tired if I did too much anyway.

My biggest challenge was pain at the site of my incision it is a 7 inch scar from my navel to the top of my pelvis. I can full pulling sensation even now if lift something over my head or too heavy.

For the most part I have been fine. Except gas pains which go to my chest area and make me feel like I have a crushing feeling in my chest. My incision can feel uncomfortable if I wear pants with a zipper all down.

I have been experiencing hot flashes!! I am trying to take natural drops to help with those now. Other than hot flashes I feel okay. Although my migraines (which I have always had) have increased and skin breaks out. It is like around the time I would have a cycle I have headaches or acne now.

Although, I don’t like my scar! I’m glad I had the surgery and I don’t have to worry about bleeding and cancer! Thankfully, the pathology report showed no cancer but I had growths on my uterus, cervix, Fallopian tubes and ovaries.

I would tell other women to do their research (get on websites like hysterectomy sisters) talk to other women.
And if you are unable to live the full quality of life because of pain, bleeding, cancer scares, or any of the assortment of issues caused by your reproductive system Gee treatment.

The most important thing you will face is being in charge of the decisions that are made regarding your health as it relates to removing or keeping your reproductive organs.
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