Lora’s Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 25
Location: Grand Rapids, MN

After over a year of severe abdominal pain and several cysts, my doctor believed I had endometriosis. I was unable to handle any treatments containing hormones like birth control. Since we were unable to have more children anyway, we opted for a hysterectomy so I could be done with all the pain

On November 29th, 2017 I had my surgery laparoscopically. My uterus, fallopian tubes, and cervix were removed but I kept my ovaries. After testing my uterus, my official diagnosis was adenomyosis not endometriosis. I underwent general anesthesia with a spinal block. It was simple and really helped control my pain post surgery! I was in the hospital for 2 days before I was discharged.

My recover was pretty simple for the first few months. The gas pain was horrible but after the first 2 weeks, i started feeling like normal. I of course followed Dr. Instructions and took it easy. My 6 week checkup went great! My doctor mentioned I still had a few stitches that hadn’t dissolved but assured me they would within another 6 weeks. I was ok’d to resume my activities including sex.

Fast forward to almost 4 months post op…

During sex with my husband (we had regular sex since about 8 weeks post-op) I felt a pop and severe pain. At first I figured we just hit a tender spot so we quit and I went to the bathroom. I found I was bleeding bright red. The pain continued to worsen so i told my husband to take me to the ER.

Once there I had many tests and found that my vaginal cuff had tore and my small intestine was decended into my vagina. It is an EXTREMELY rare complication, especially 4 months out from surgery. I was my doctors first case of it and he’s been doing hysterectomies for almost 30 years.
I was rushed into emergency surgery to fix the tear and put the bowels where they belonged. Thankfully I was admitted before any damage to my bowels occurred. I stayed in the hospital for 2.5 days and was placed on several heavy antibiotics to prevent infection.

I am now home for only my 2nd day. The pain is still bad and I’m weak but my doctor expects a full recovery and no lasting issues. I have 3 months of restrictions (no sex and no lifting over 20lbs) and 2 weeks strict bedrest to make sure I heal.

Overall, I’m still glad I had my hysterectomy. My pain was resolved and I felt like myself again! I know my experience with the tear is not common and I’m thankful my doctor was able to help me immediately! I will heal again and be back to living my pain free life soon!

Remember to take time to heal. I know I tend to do too much when I start feeling better and thats not good. It takes a long time to heal from a major surgery like a hysterectomy. Also make sure you have a doctor you trust!

But most of all TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS! If you feel like something isn’t right, go in! It’s better to be sent home because you’re fine than risk doing damage to your body by not going in!
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