10 Concerns about Intimacy after Hysterectomy

Many women have concerns regarding what their sex life will be like after their hysterectomy. Whether they are in a satisfying relationship or not, most women want to know that this part of their lives will not suffer following a hysterectomy. Fears can range from physical concerns to emotional aspects. Women wonder if sex will feel the same, or if they will feel the same about sex.

While each woman can have her own concerns, here are 10 top concerns about hysterectomy and intimacy which have been shared by your HysterSisters.

1. Will sex be the same after my hysterectomy?

Many women worry that sex will be different after their hysterectomy, but, in general, sex should not be different after your hysterectomy. Once your gynecologic issues are resolved, you could find that your sex life improves. In fact, one of the surprising facts about intimacy after hysterectomy is that sex can be satisfying!

2. Can I still have an orgasm after hysterectomy?

Although uterine orgasms will be missing, all other orgasms should be achievable just as before. Some women report orgasms are easier to reach, while others have shared they have had to work a bit harder at foreplay to have a satisfying orgasm. It is important to remember that a satisfying sex life involves the mind and emotions along with the physical aspect, and focusing too much on the physical could hamper that portion.

3 . Is my sex life over after my hysterectomy?

Women who because of gynecologic issues have been unable or unwilling to have sex prior to their hysterectomies can fear that their sex life will be over after their hysterectomies. While restoring your sex life after so many years may take a bit more work, it is possible in most cases. It will require communication between you and your doctor, as well as between you and your partner. You will also need to be patient and take it slow, but given time you should be able to have a satisfying sex life again.

4. Will I be less of a woman after a hysterectomy?

Many women are concerned they will be less of a woman after a hysterectomy. This can cause women to feel unattractive and less feminine which can negatively impact their sex lives. However, your body parts do not define you as a real woman. You are female in your brain and heart, much more so than in your belly. Being a woman is written in your very cells, in every strand of your DNA code. Nothing can change that.

5. Will I lose my desire for sex after a hysterectomy?

Libido, or sexual desire, is related more to your mind and hormones, so you should be fine following a hysterectomy. Some HysterSisters even report that their libido is higher as they no longer have gynecologic concerns to deal with that caused their hysterectomies. If you have your ovaries removed or enter menopause, you could have a loss of libido which could be addressed with hormone replacement therapy (HRT). If you have emotional or mental issues with intercourse, it could block your desire for it. If you have no sex drive after your hysterectomy, you should speak to your doctor or counselor as there is help and hope.

6. Will I have vaginal dryness and need a personal lubricant?

Vaginal dryness is a common problem for menopausal women, so if you enter menopause after your hysterectomy it could be an issue. Personal lubricants and vaginal estrogen can help with vaginal dryness issues.

7. Where do the sperm go and will I get pregnant after hysterectomy?

After a hysterectomy, the sperm don’t really go anywhere. Regardless of the type of hysterectomy, a seal is created between the vagina and the pelvic area. As such, the sperm cannot enter the pelvic cavity and simply exit the vagina. Without sperm, there can’t be a fertilized egg so you can’t get pregnant after a hysterectomy. Without the uterus, there also is no place a fertilized egg would be able to implant to survive.

8. Will my vagina be shorter?

Unless something unusual happens, your vagina should not be shorter after your hysterectomy. If there are any permanent changes in length of the vagina, they should be so negligible that, after all post-op healing occurs and the swelling of tissues subsides, they shouldn’t be detectible without utilizing a precise measuring device.

9. Will I lose vaginal sensation after my hysterectomy?

Unless you experience complications, you should not lose vaginal sensation after your hysterectomy. If it does occur, you can talk to your doctor about your options. At times, it is temporary and using some vaginal estrogen or testosterone can help.

10. What about my G-spot?

The “G-spot” is not a medically recognized part of the female anatomy, but you may have a spot on the anterior (front) wall of the vagina that is highly sensitive and contributes to sexual arousal and satisfaction. Whether yours is affected can depend on the type of hysterectomy, whether your need repairs, and exactly where yours is located. If you have concerns about it being changed, talk to your doctor prior to your surgery.

This content was written by staff of HysterSisters.com by non-medical professionals based on discussions, resources and input from other patients for the purpose of patient-to-patient support. Reprinted with permission: 
10 Concerns about Intimacy after Hysterectomy


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