What Should I Do? Acne During Menopause

Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday you’re 40, Happy birthday to you!

Congratulations! You’ve reached another milestone in life, and this one may have come with several surprises. Unfortunately, one of the “gifts” may have been acne.

Yep, despite leaving your teen years behind ages ago, acne may be back. It’s part of the baggage menopause can bring with it. Unfortunately, the routine and products you used as a teen aren’t likely to help now. Your skin has changed and so has the acne. You’re going to need some new products and a new skin care routine to fight the blemishes and take care of your skin during menopause.

1. Check your hormones.

During menopause, you can have an imbalance of hormones which is one of the reasons for acne – as a teen and adult. Menopause can also bring symptoms and changes that can lead to acne. For example, having hot flashes, developing drier skin, stopping birth control pills, and needing new medications.

Using hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can balance out your hormones and may eliminate some of the symptoms that could be causing acne. If HRT is not right for you, alternative options could help with some symptoms.

2. Check your cosmetics.

Menopause and aging can bring with them drier skin. You may also have more lines, some age spots, and other new features that are changing how you use cosmetics. If you aren’t using the right cleaning products and make-up for your skin type, you could inadvertently be causing at least some of your new acne.

Go through your medicine cabinet and read the labels. You want to be using gentle cleansers and make-up, hydrating formulas, creams and liquids instead of powders, and softer brushes. You may also need to be adjusting colors to go along with changes to your skin and to cover the new acne.

3. Check your cleaning routine.

The acne and changes to your skin during menopause may have you washing more frequently and intensely. Ironically, those actions may be making the acne worse instead of better. All the washing can make your skin drier and more prone to damage or overproduction of oil, both of which can lead to more acne.

Try not to wash your face more than a couple times a day and use gentle cleansers. Avoid harsh scrubs, and remember to pat your skin dry rather than rubbing it vigorously.

4. Protect your skin.

During menopause, your skin may be more prone to being marred from air pollution and the effects of the sun. If you don’t keep it protected when you’re outdoors, you may find yourself with extra acne.

Besides using sunscreen and wearing a hat, be sure to stay hydrated when you know you’ll be outdoors. Once you come inside, wipe your face with a clean cloth or facial wipe to clean off any pollutants, grime, and sweat.

4. Manage your health.

If you aren’t careful, menopause and life circumstances that may happen around that time can increase your stress, cause some new health issues, zap your sleep, and in general shake up your life in a not so positive way. They can trigger chemical reactions in the body that may lead to acne. You may need to start taking new medications which cause acne. Or you may simply make bad lifestyle choices – skipping exercising, eating poorly – that can lead to acne.

Make it a point to see your doctor for your yearly exam and go over any stresses or concerns in your life. Managing your stress and health could help keep acne in check, too.

This content was written by staff of HysterSisters.com by non-medical professionals based on discussions, resources and input from other patients for the purpose of patient-to-patient support.  Reprinted with permission: What Should I Do? Acne During Menopause


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