Marcy’s daVinci Hysterectomy

daVinci Robotic Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 47
Location: Waco, TX/ US

I had initially gone to the doctor for my regular checkup and had been “watching” a fibroid for years. My gyno was leaving her practice so I decided to start with a new doctor. She reviewed my records and updated my ultrasound. The fibroid was continuing to grow, and I knew that menopause was at least three years away.
I’m a principal so I figured that doing something over the summer was my only option-I can’t be absent during the school year. I was going to try one procedure and then after meeting with the doctor, changed my mind to go with the robotic assist hysterectomy. I had one large fibroid and I could actually feel my uterus – couldn’t lay on my stomach, had back pain if I laid flat and bought an adjustable bed for my pain, and was bleeding so much that I became anemic before I got on the pill to control bleeding.
I’m very glad I saw the new doctor as she was more open to minimally invasive hysterectomy. My former doctor never even mentioned it to me!

I went into the hospital expecting an hour and a half surgery. Six hours later, I was finally wheeled into a room to spend the night. The fibroid was “gigantic” according to my doctor and very vascular. I had a very swollen face from being under and titled for so long.
First night-my right side had some muscle spasms or something and I thought I was dying-hurt so bad I couldn’t breathe and I begged for something big. They gave me a half dose of dilaudid and everything settled down. Day after surgery I took one hydrocodeine that morning and never took one again. Stuck with Motrin for the next two weeks. I didn’t go home until about 5 the day after surgery since my doctor wanted me to poop before I went home. The hospital was wonderful as was my doctor. The anasthesiologist listened and had given me a patch for nausea, (I start throwing and don’t stop with some meds) and I never once got nauseous. I totally recommend the patch.

My recovery was great! The first week, I couldn’t believe how weak I was. I had to take a daily nap at least. I went to bed by 9. I got up at some point in the morning. The heating pad was my constant companion and I walked every morning when I woke up.
After one week, I thought there was no way that I could go back to work the next week. About fourteen days in, all of a sudden I could go the whole day without a nap as long as I went to bed early. I went back to work on day 16 and was ok! I did have a “foggy brain” for about a month. I couldn’t find the words or couldn’t organize things as easily or couldn’t multi-task as easily. Two and a half months later, you would never even know that I’ve had surgery. My belly is just much flatter!

I wish I had done my hysterectomy two years ago when I first found out I had a fibroid. My overall health is better! I kept one ovary and I know it’s working. I still have PMS every month. But I have more energy-lots more energy, my clothes fit me better, sex is great.
It made me rethink my stress levels as well. Having surgery puts some things in perspective especially when it lasts longer than expected. My husband was a wreck worrying about me. It’s been one of the best things that I’ve ever done for myself.

To any woman that is faced with a hysterectomy, I would say-do it!! Take your time recovering and don’t expect your recovery will be better or worse than anyone else’s. It’s just your story.
Make sure you have support and someone to cook/clean for you for at least a week so you can pamper yourself. I’m a mom, mamaw, and a principal so I’m used to doing for everyone. Having that two weeks to recover was amazing and life-changing.



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