Ashley’s Vaginal Hysterectomy

Vaginal Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 33
Location: Manteca CA USA

In 2014,  5 and 1/2 months pregnant with my youngest son, I was diagnosed with cervical CIS. After he was born I had a cold knife cone biopsy. At the time they thought everything was removed and I continued to have normal paps every 4 months following. In June 2017 I started having extremely heavy periods and a lot of abdominal pain. My cycles were coming twice a month. My OBGYN ordered an ultrasound and they found several larger uterine fibroids. They told me that with the findings and my history a hysterectomy was the ideal treatment. I have three sons and each pregnancy was extremely complicated resulting in three premature births and health issues, so I was OK with the suggested treatment.

In October 2017 I had a laparoscopic, vaginal hysterectomy with removal of my uterus, tubes, and cervix. The biopsy following my hysterectomy showed that I actually had adenocarcinoma in the endocervical canal. It was not fully removed from the first surgery like they thought. So this hysterectomy actually ended up saving me from invasive cervical cancer.

I was under general anesthesia for my surgery and I spent two nights in the hospital. I was so out of it after surgery and most of the next day that I honestly don’t remember a lot. I remember being severely naseaous, gaseous, and I felt a considerable amount of pain. I mostly just wanted to sleep.

I went through a huge emotional roller coaster after surgery that was completely unexpected. Prior to my surgery I felt completely confident in my choice and was adamant that I did not want anymore children. However, after my surgery I got very depressed about not being able to have children anymore. It took about 4 whole months for me to finally get through those emotions.

Overall the recovery was easier than I expected, but I think the fatigue has been the most debilitating aspect. I am 6 months post op and still very tired.

I can feel when I have my cycle since I sill have my ovaries, and my breath have grown a whole cup size since my surgery. I am assuming it’s because of the change in my hormones. I lost weight initially, but then started to gain about 3 months post surgery. It feels harder to lose weight now than ever before in my life. But I am still trying to rebuild my abdominal strength.

I am definitely glad I had the hysterectomy. It has made my life easier.

Most importantly, if you are electing to have the surgery and it’s not 100% medically necessary I would say make sure you’re sure you don’t want to have children (or any more). And be prepared for the emotional shift you will go through afterwards. Maybe it doesn’t happen to everyone, but from my experience, that was the hardest part.

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