Kazi’s Abdominal Hysterectomy

Abdominal Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 46
Location: Ogun state, Nigeria

I went through an increasing abdominal pain over a period of about 4 years with no sign of abnormalities detected by ultrasound scan. But in 2016, the pain became more severe with irregular mensuration and central cycle and the ultrasound scan turned up with multiple fibroid.

I was advised to leave surgery and was place on drug. Drugs gave temporary relief while the pain and bleeding kept on increasing. By 2017, the fibroids had grown bigger and surgery was advised. All opinions were then unanimous on surgery

Anesthesia was spinal. I spent total of one week in the hospital: 3days pre-op plus 4days post-op.
Doctors did the best they could based on the facilities available at their disposal. Pre-op counselling was minimal while Post-op counseling was zero.

As said earlier in the previous question, post-op counselling was zero hence I had to navigate myself through my recovery by reading as much as I can. I had to slow down when it seems I had started activities too soon.

When I asked about sex, I was told twelve weeks but I resumed that at 9weeks 3days. My greatest challenge was going back to all normal activities – sex, work and house chore. I resumed work at the end of 9thweek, got tired easily in my first two weeks of resumption to work.

I am glad I had the hysterectomy. No more pain, excessive bleeding nor irregular cycle.

Just taking time before I will resume exercise jumping rope and walking

Know that the inconveniences of a few weeks post-op is like the darkest hour before dawn breaks. You will feel great once the numbness of post-op minimises. You will enjoy life now with very little worry about unpredictable pain or menstrual cycle.

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