Stephanie’s Abdominal Hysterectomy

Abdominal Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 30
Location: Delaware

I had a csection/hysterectomy on 2/14/17. I had CPP and placenta accreta/ increta. My placenta attached to my previous csection scar and actually grew out of my uterus. I was lucky enough to avoid bladder invasion even though two vessels rested on my bladder. I did delivery my third baby and I am thankful for her. She was taken at 34 weeks. And had a 2 week nicu stay. I can say it was easier for my to recover after this than my 2 previous csections. I was able to retain my ovaries and a small piece of my cervix.
I knew from week 20 there was something not right. I was sent two hrs from home to see high risk Drs every week I would travel up for an ultrasound and I just watched as the placenta grew and I learn a lot about an issue that not everyone knows about. At week 27 I had an MRI to confirm. Two weeks later I met with an OB gyn oncologist. That’s when it was real for me. I then had a d day date. It was a long day it went from a time of 6 until I was wheeled back at about 4 pm. I had femoral arterial balloons placed and went from a spinal to completely out. I didn’t get to see how er be born. It took my almost 6hrs to convince someone to wheel me down to the nicu to see her.

I am still not sure what all went on during surgery. I am a little bit frightened to ask for my records. The idea was to see if the placenta detached by its self if not sew up the uterus and remove it. I knew the percentage of what could happen. And I knew I wasn’t what was best to save both her and my life. I have two other minis at home who needed me. I was worried about being 30 and not able to have the choice to have another child. I knew 3 was our number.m but that was our choice. It has now been taken from us.
Overall the hospital stay which was 4 days was ok. It hurt to leave her and travel the two hours home and keep goin back every other day.

It was an ok recovery but my fiancé had to go back to work once I got home. So it was a little rough with my three minis and me. I am still healing but after 6 weeks I was released for “normal” activities. I am still unsure if anything will be normal again. I miss the way arc felt before l know it will take time and I am breastfeeding so that effects it a little bit.

I feel as good as I can. I am still dealing with some postpartum issues. I have come to terms with having this done. But the jokes about not having a period anymore can get to be a. It much.

It is a whole life change. I know my mother had one in her 40’s but for different reason than me. I hope your situation is not like mine and what ever you are going through it will be okay.

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