Brenda’s Laparoscopic Hysterectomy

Laparoscopic Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 56
Location: Hollywood/Florida/USA

I had my hysterectomy due to endometrial cancer. During peri-menopause I had a few spotting instances where I would spot for a day or two then it would stop. The last time this past March it didn’t stop so went in to see my Gyno and after doing all the tests again (this was the third time in a 5 year period) and them coming back negative she opted to do a D & C in March 2016. She found cancer and sent me to a specialist who did laparoscopic through the belly button April 13 2016. He removed all but the vajayjay and some lymph nodes. After having 4 children told him he could take it all I didn’t need it anymore! He found cancer not only on the endometrial wall but also the cervix and one ovary. I was lucky as I did not need any other treatment other than 3 month rechecks after the hysterectomy!!! I had same day surgery. He prescribed a pain reliever which I only took the first two days as they caused severe constipation and went to over the counter Motrin. I was in a lot of pain the first few weeks drank a lot of water ate a lot of fruits (to help with the constipation which lasted off and on for several weeks) and did a lot of walking. After my surgery I experienced numbness pain and tingling in my right front thigh and swelling and pain in the groin and hip area which lasted about 7-8 months. This I was told was from the lymph node removal and would go away. The numbness pain and tingling have gone away mostly in the thigh but I still feel a tiny bit of numbness. The swelling and pain in the groin and hip area was pretty much gone but came back a few weeks ago I think because I have to take two flights of stairs now at work ( we moved to a different building) and my hours have changed I now work 4 days 10 hrs a day and have to go up and down the stairs quite a bit. I can’t stand to wear undies anymore as they irritate my groin and hip areas and had to switch to granny panties as they don’t irritate as much but they are the first thing to come off after working 19 hrs!! My next Drs appt is next month. Bowel movements have gotten better almost normal. Sex is great again although it was great prior to surgery it was a bit scary after surgery. We waited until after the six week check up and just took it slow it took about a month before he could put it all in. Your vagina is a bit smaller but stretches back to normal after a bit!

I had same day laproscopic through the belly button. I don’t remember what type of anesthesia just know they knocked me out!! Hospital staff and nurses were awesome! I went home a few hours after surgery!

The most important issue I had after surgery was the constipation and weight loss! I lost 27 lbs after my surgery (have since gained that back plus 20lbs) the constipation is caused by the prescription pain reliever so I only took mine for a couple of days then went to over the counter. Ate lots of fruits and drank a lot of water this helped immensely with the constipation. Also the pain, tingling and numbness in the right thigh.

My health is as it’s always been other than having to have the hysterectomy and yes I am very glad I had this surgery as the outcome of not would have been fatal!! Ladies make sure to go to those yearly check ups!

I advise every woman to get their yearly check ups! If you feel any lumps or are spotting in between please please don’t hesitate to have it checked out as it could save your life!! If you are one of the chosen and I say chosen as we don’t choose cancer it chooses us, to have to have a hysterectomy please don’t feel as if your life is over! Mine is just beginning! Adoption is an option if you haven’t already had children if you have had them then you don’t really need your uterus any more anyways! There are creams and hormones to take (I’ve been blessed and have not had to use any of these) and it could just save your life!

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