Ilyse’s Abdominal Hysterectomy

Abdominal Hysterectomy
Age at Surgery 38
Location: South Africa

I had a hysterectomy because I experienced pain most of the time and it was swollen on one side and sex became really painful. This went on for 5 or more years. I did not get a second opinion because it it too expensive and my medical aid wouldn’t cover it.
The doctor did a laparoscopy to see what was wrong, and found that I had a very small, abnormally shaped uterus that was stretched to one side, which caused the pain. The thought of ever having children was quickly erased because of the shape and size of my uterus and it would never have been possible.

This was the worst pain I ever experienced when I woke up from anesthesia. I stayed in hospital for 4 days. After this I couldn’t really stay in bed for long as I had to go back to work for short days. I spend about 2 weeks at home, did some walking and restorative yoga.

I recovered very quickly, no complications at all. The discomfort remained but I did not feel any loss at all in thinking I no longer had an uterus or couldn’t ever have children. I was relieved.

15 months later and I am struggling with intense breast pain and swollen abdomen and pain sometimes. The breast pain and abdominal discomfort remains most of the time in higher or lesser degrees. Sex is uncomfortable and really undesirable to me, affecting my marriage in a bad way. I am tired a lot and I struggle a bit with weight. I am beginning to think this removal of my uterus perhaps wasn’t necessary at all. I have way more problems than I had before the surgery.

Find a doctor who wants to help you without suggesting surgery off the bat. Get another opinion. A few if possible. Read up about it before the time. I didn’t suffer from endometriosis or anything my uterus was clean and healthy. The only reason she suggested cutting it out was because it was abnormally shaped and very small. And she thought the stretching over from one side is what caused my pain. It wasn’t.

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